Abyei Under SAF Seized

KHARTOUM, May 22 (Reuters) – Sudan’s northern army seized control of the disputed, oil-producing Abyei region, officials said on Sunday, forcing thousands to flee and bringing the country’s north and south to the brink of full conflict.

Khartoum sent tanks into Abyei town, the area’s main settlement, on Saturday, the United Nations said after weeks of growing tension and accusations of skirmishes by both sides.

Analysts fear northern and southern fighting over Abyei could reignite a full blown war in Sudan, a development that could have a devastating impact on its neighbours which include Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Continue reading “Abyei Under SAF Seized”


SAF Took Over Abyei

May 21, 2011 (WASHINGTON) – The United States on Saturday rebuked the Sudanese government over its army’s move on the disputed border region of Abyei which elevated fears of a full-scale war between the North and South.

Sudan state TV quoted an unidentified military source as saying that the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) managed to take over Abyei and inflicted heavy losses on the “enemy”.

“The SAF reached the town of Abyei by sunset and tightened control over it and drove enemy forces to the South,” the source said. Continue reading “SAF Took Over Abyei”

SAF: Preparing Retaliation On SPLA Ambush

Khartoum – Sudanese Armed Force (SAF) announced readiness to hit back the attack conducted by Sudan People’s liberation Army (SPLA) against a SAF convoy in Abyei accompanied by elements from the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) early on Friday.
SAF Intelligence Deputy Chief, Major-General Siddig Amir told press that SPLA ambushed a SAF convey accompanied by elements from UNAMIS seven kilometers off Abyei, adding that SPLA used heavy weapons resulting in huge loss in the part of SAF, affirming that they sent a message to UN troop Commander who was in Abyei at that time, adding that the commander attempted to attribute the attack to unknown parties. He cleared that the attack claimed the lives of 22 soldiers from SAF. Continue reading “SAF: Preparing Retaliation On SPLA Ambush”

US: Called S.Sudan To Account On Attacking SAF

WASHINGTON — The United States on Friday called on south Sudan to “account” for an assault on northern Sudanese troops as they were escorted by UN peacekeepers in the flashpoint Abyei border district.
“The United States deplores a reported attack yesterday of southern forces on a UN convoy that was transporting a company of Sudanese armed forces Joint Integrated Units in Abyei,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. Continue reading “US: Called S.Sudan To Account On Attacking SAF”

More Attacks On Abyei

KHARTOUM, May 21 (Reuters) – South Sudan said northern forces had attacked villages in the Abyei border region for a second day on Saturday after both sides accused each other of staging violence in the contested area.

Southerners voted in January to become independent on July 9 but the oil-producing Abyei region has emerged as an obstacle to a peaceful split as both sides have built up forces there, the United Nations has said.

The southern army (SPLA) said northern forces had attacked SPLA forces in at least four villages, among them Todach and Tagalei, which it said had been already hit on Friday. Continue reading “More Attacks On Abyei”

S.Sudan:Independence Process Gearing Up

JUBA, 19th May, 2011 [Gurtong] –South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia’s heads of State have pledged to grace the South Sudan independence celebrations scheduled for July 9th 2011.

This was revealed by Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, the Minister for Information in the Government of Southern Sudan late this week at the Juba International Airport when he arrived from an extensive trip to these countries to deliver a special message from President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

“It was a pleasure for me to deliver congratulatory messages on a successful referendum from the leaders as well as good wishes for independence”, he said.

He appealed to the South Sudanese citizens to welcome the key guests during the celebrations. Continue reading “S.Sudan:Independence Process Gearing Up”

Rumbek: Killing turns to women and children.

By: Benjamin Majok Mon.

May 21, 2011(Rumbek)-at least  a woman with her two girls were gunned down by unidentified gunmen allegedly said to be from Rumbek central county of Lakes  on Thursday night  in Buot village  of  Duony Payam of Cueibet county.

 In an interview with commissioner of Cueibet County mister Isaac Mayom Malek confirmed to the journalist that at least a mother known as Ajak Mabor Kamic with her two girls, one year girl Yar Deng Padang  and nine years old girl  Ager Deng Padang  were  all  shot  dead on Thursday night.

 The issue of sectional and tribal fighting have hit Lakes state since April to May this year in which over 50 people have so far died across the state.

Continue reading “Rumbek: Killing turns to women and children.”

Juba University: Holding Academic Workshop On S.Sudan Constitution

May 19, 2011 (ABYEI)- Juba University, South Sudan, is set to hold a workshop to discuss new draft constitution with academics and intellectuals from varies disciplines on 21 May.

The one day workshop hosted by the Faculty of Law will focus on the challenges of the current constitution and things to consider in the Draft Transitional Constitution being studied for approval by the Legislative Assembly, in order for it to become a legal and binding document. It will be open to the public. Continue reading “Juba University: Holding Academic Workshop On S.Sudan Constitution”

Attack Acusation From Both North And South On Abyei

May 19, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese army accused the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) of attacking its troops in the North-South border region of Abyei leading to heavy casualties within its ranks.

In a statement issued late Thursday, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) said that the SPLA ambushed its troops that were part of the Joint Integrated Units (JIU) who were being escorted by peacekeepers from the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

SAF spokesperson Al-Sawarmi Khalid Sa’ad who read the statement on Sudan TV said the attack took place when their forces were withdrawing from Abyei towards Goli in the north of the area. He said that pulling SAF units was a decision they took in consultation with UNMIS leadership to prevent “friction” with surrounding SPLA units. Continue reading “Attack Acusation From Both North And South On Abyei”

Rumbek: Fuel shortage, vehicles to be grounded.

By: Benjamin Majok Mon

May 18, 2011, over 60% of vehicles in Rumbek the capital of Lakes state are almost to be grounded following fuel shortage in the state.

 According to the manager of Dalbit international fueling regional growth Abraham Chol Majok said, “We have run out of fuel stock in our reserves”. Dalbit is the leading fueling company in the state supplying the state with fuel. Continue reading “Rumbek: Fuel shortage, vehicles to be grounded.”

Abyei: Under Attack

May 14, 2011 (LONDON) – A senior member of the South Sudanese government in Abyei claims that attacks which took place in the region on 1 May 2011 were part of an attempted occupation by the northern Sudanese army.

The Sudan Tribune has been forwarded photographs which the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) secretary in Abyei, Chol Changath claims are the ID cards found on the bodies of soldiers killed at the scene in recent clashes in Abyei. They were wearing Joint Integrated Unit (JIU) uniforms but their ID cards identify them as members of the north’s Sudan Armed Forces (SAF).

JIU are made up of equal numbers of troops from north and South Sudan. They were formed in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and are administered directly by the Sudanese presidency. They police the contested areas of Sudan’s borderlands and were intended to demonstrate a spirit of cooperation. Continue reading “Abyei: Under Attack”

Rumbek: Lakes state SPLM Secretary dies

By: Benjamin Majok Mon.

The state secretary general of Sudan people’s liberation movement (SPLM) comrade Samuel Mathiang Keer has died on Suday 12:20 AM in Australia. He was suffering from blood cancer.

Comrade Keer was appointed as the state secretary general of SPLM soon after the CPA was signed and remained as the secretary when the SPLM congresses were conducted in the state, he was unopposed in 2008.

In statement released by the Governor of Lakes state Chol Tong Mayay declared SPLM party and the governments of Lakes state are mourning for the big lost of SPLM leader in the state.

Continue reading “Rumbek: Lakes state SPLM Secretary dies”

S.Sudan: The Fortunate And Unfortunate Dinkas

I am a resident of Gogrial and I would like to share these. In 1995 few months before I left for Ethiopia, I have seen the changes in SPLA war. Targeting government barracks like Anya-nya II were doing was not the case. As SPLA were advancing to control some locations in Awil; Rumbek, Bentiu and Bor, their actions were quite different from what they were broadcasting over the radio. The tortures and brutality against the local population was severe than the threats SPLA was posting against the government forces. Having lost some closest family members, I decided to go to refugee camp in Ethiopia and remained there for 14 year. Continue reading “S.Sudan: The Fortunate And Unfortunate Dinkas”

Syrian Cracdown

By John Naru
With the way Bashar Asad President of Syria is handing the current affairs in his country, the military action against civilian there is growing bigger with the last Friday unrest. As a mater of fact, Arab League and the Security Council should not wait but give more pressure to Bashar Al Asad to immediately pull back its government tanks at the face of civilian and cease security forces mistreatment of civilian, armies and tanks seen marching forward Thursday sincerely speaking Arab world should distance itself in depopulating its people through Continue reading “Syrian Cracdown”

South Sudan maternity mortality rates topping the world.

By: Benjamin Majok Mon

May 15, 2011 the minister of health in the government of Lakes state doctor Samuel Mayek Deng reveals that the maternity mortality rates is the highest in south Sudan and very high in his state.

  The minister said, “The maternal mortality rate in South Sudan is one of the highest in the world. An absence of trained healthcare staff, structures, and paved roads means the small, rural maternity clinic should be encouraged to help the rural women access to anti natal care in the state”

Continue reading “South Sudan maternity mortality rates topping the world.”

Lakes state: Public services to combat nepotism.

By Benjamin Majok Mon-Rumbek

May 13, 2011, the minister of public services in the government of Lakes state Madam Marina Martin Legge pledged a mechanism to reform employment policy in all the government institutions in the state. “Improved public services rules and regulations is the solution to widespread nepotism and corruption in the government of south Sudan and the states level”.  She said

The minister of public services Marin martin Legge

The mechanism to fight the nepotism in the government institutions include, advertising the available vacancies through radios, news papers and public boards  that call for applicants to apply. The qualify candidates are to be shortlisted and interviews conducted that she said will reduce chances of employing relatives and family members in the state.

Continue reading “Lakes state: Public services to combat nepotism.”

Uganda:Museveni Took Office For The 5th Term

2.25PM -FAREWELL : The national anthem closes the ceremony, after which Museveni bids his fellow heads of state farewell. The presdent and his wife are led to their car to leave Kololo. However, for the crowds at the grounds, the party is yet to start. The place is expected to be a host to merry-making and rejoicing amid glass tosses and eats to celebrate the new government.

2.20PM -SPEECH ENDS : During his almost 30-minute long speech, president elect highlights achievements of the NRM regime in the 25 years in power. He cites an improvement in the education, health and agricultural sectors, among others. Continue reading “Uganda:Museveni Took Office For The 5th Term”

Unity State: Over 80 dead

JUBA, Sudan, May 10 (Reuters) – More than 80 rebels and civilians were killed when insurgents attacked a camp in south Sudan, the army said on Tuesday, in the latest violence to mar preparations for the region’s independence.

In a separate incident, unknown attackers shot and wounded four Zambian U.N. peacekeepers in the contested Abyei region on Tuesday, another north/south flashpoint, the United Nations said. Continue reading “Unity State: Over 80 dead”