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    Heartily pleading for my farms that have been invaded by intruders during day lights. The kraal that had been fenced for a decade has been turned down into a public shopping and auctioning turmoil centers that has attracted thugs from difference cultural backgrounds of different region on the earth. Though my ranch occasionally been invaded by fierce wild animals like wild dogs, hyena, lions and others, still I could barely managed to fences it to lower such occurrences. However, by the time those intruders took over my ranches, I hardly situated a conveniences location to keep the remnant of my flock from carnivorous animals’ hunters. Even an inch to cultivate some seasonal crops for my family consumption is rarely gotten as the intruders scramble and petition my ancestral land to be theirs. The formerly fertile land has been swept of by gulley erosion that might take century to be healed up.
    As for these matters, what will I do to reclaim my land back from the deforestation of mankind? How will I teach the invaders to fence their own kraal than to settle on already settled areas? How would I learn to forgive them from the wrong doing that they have been causing since they took over the land? How can I turn the messes that have already been caused into the message that they can fully understood? Please advise my people and the leaders of the land on how to deal with these matters to prevent interbreeding of wild dogs and domesticated dogs from happening.
    The time for dependency has much passed, the time for mistreatment has too gone, the time for killing and inciting rounded up, and the time for nepotism has come to an end. Now this is the time that I want my own, my own kinsmen to start recollecting what has been looted to formulate it for the eternity of their kid and the kids of their offspring. Now is the time to heal the wound caused during the movement. Now is the time for the restoration that each an individual should know how to appreciate the old friend for the good deed done in those three decade mystery. But my ideology tells me that even the intruder does not recognize the hospitality that my people offer to them when their own soil abandoned them. Who is to be blame for the messes that has already happen to my people? Who is to volunteer into doing the right thing that may bring the life of my people back to the normality? It’s unremarkable situation that no one can comprehend unless if God intervene into such burning situation then there might be a sign of little hope that may bring the life to my people who are now in great misery.
    One day in the land of white, I was dreaming that the government of south Sudan will do more good to her citizen when the right time arrives. The havoc caused by the civil war will be healed by person of high dignity, the people whose knowledge should be engage in dealing with the people that supported them during the war against the Khartoum government. However, my only hopeful dream has turned to the opposite of its intended meaning whereby, the only government that I and my fellow countrymen have hopes in. is the leading looter of the land. They are the same leaders that have been leading people in the cause of the war, the journey that has claim the great life of our good citizen not only for their sake but for all Southerners.
    Instead of compensating the individual for the support they had offered during the war, they begun sucking the strength of their blood leaving them anemic. What a misery is this. I sometime feel really sorry to be born in the reign of the corrupted leaders who only care to fill in their belly. Who always think of themselves not ordinary people who could not even afford to buy a packet of salt for their consumption? May the living God of our ancestor look back to us and help the courageous leaders into doing what can bring change into our beloved country. My instinct tells me that, one day, Sudan will be called the father of great struggle due to her endurances freedom perseverance. It will be known as the big country with the mind to solve the impossibility. That will be the time that my parent and my children will actually realize that their fighting was not in vein, but to set the south free from the bondage of monsters.
    Lastly, how I plead to my beloved region of greater Equatoria, that one day, the true Son will be able to clean the messes caused by many intimidating intruders.

  2. Developing habits of peacemaking

    It happened that the struggle by the Dinka for justice for only the Dinka in the southern Sudan brought new form of injustice. For example, Equatorian who organized programs for resisting the Danka’s programs for the promotion of liberation, justice and peace in Ma’di should not participate to encourage the Ma’di people to hate the Dinka and call our GOSS Danka’s government and its leaders Dinka, who are considered the oppressor. I think that this kind of action on our part as Ma’di only makes us the oppressed people act like their oppressors. This does not lead to real liberation; justice, peace and holistic progress for the whole Southern Sudan. We Ma’di as a peaceful tribe must work to contribute in making the blind see light and the truth by encouraging southern tribes to build-bridges between themselves and remove tribalism, replacing tribalism with a non-tribal society for the survival of Southern Sudan as a nation, where its people survive as brothers and living in harmony and equality. Therefore, we Ma’di must not act like some of the southern tribes that act like some people in the Old Testament who stressed “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” – Matthew 5:38-42, Luke 6: 29-30

    Jesus taught us to love our enemies. We Ma’di therefore must help strengthen those Dinka Bor in our area in need of security. They ran to Ma’di land for it is a peaceful land, they need our protection, we should not therefore behave like them. We must be kind to them because they are our brothers. We must forgive them and continue to be kind and forgiving and we Ma’di must attempt to be at peace with them even if they kill and mistreat our people. We must not be tempted to behave like them, because we Ma’di have eyes to see what is bad and good, but our brothers are blind, should we not help them not to fall in fire? As a small and peaceful tribe, may be God wants us to open they eyes of our Dink brothers now in our land. God wants us to be righteous and contribute to brings peace to our tribal controlled southern Sudan and contribute to the southern Sudan peace and holistic progress.

    You have heard that before Christ (BC) it was said, “Love your friends, and hate your enemies.” -Matthew 5:43-48.

    As we, Ma’di being southerners, we must work not only for “Self-determination” for ourselves as a tribe, but for the people of the south, west and east Sudan, but also for justice and mercy. The story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:14-32) gives us a perfect example of how we must work for mercy when faced with injustice. The prodigal son wasted his father’s resources and then was in great need. The father valued his son as a person. You must be a merciful father and have compassion, like the Father who ran to meet his son, threw his arms around his neck and kissed him.” (Luke 15:20; Romans 12:17-18) As a result, his elder brother and our neighbors became angry and felt hatred for his younger brother, the Ma’di people.

    I call upon every Ma’di to promote peace in our dear Ma’di land by promoting liberation, justice, peace, and material and moral progress. Those Ma’di and southern tribes in Ma’di land who want to join the people of Ma’di to increase our efforts to promote justice and liberation are well come. They should not hesitate to contact Ma’di people; elders, and chiefs. But they must accept to be governed by mercy. (Matthew 5: 7) our approach to the struggle for justice should be after the likeness of God himself who is a “God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” (Exodus 34: 6)

    The people of Ma’di should become committed to encourage southern tribes to be involved in programs that promote real freedom, justice, peace and holistic progress in Southern Sudan. The tendency of other southern tribes is to become so involved in tribalism that they neglect the work for real liberation, peace and justice for which they have volunteered to die for in Southern Sudan.

    I appeals to our tribesmen and women not to be become resentful of their Dinka brothers and sisters, Ugandan and Kenyan communities, especially Ma’di should not be justified in neglecting their freedom, justice, peace and continue to work in their land with their own hands to produce adequate food for themselves and to market the surplus to consumers. Build their own schools, community and health centers and think of establishing small-scale factories where they can employ those without work. \Ma’di as a community should also give their love and attention to their wives and children and should be open and avoid unknowingly or knowingly doing injustice to their wives, their children and neighbors.

    Those Ma’di members now involved in promoting justice in Ma’di should not fall into the error of hating those Dinka Bor and their southern friends who are responsible for the present injustice in Ma’di. Ma’di people must work to develop to be “Rich in Mercy”. It would be very difficult for other tribes in Ma’di land to notice very often “peace programs” they may call it cowardice, but genuine ideas which start from Ma’di is the idea of justice which ought to assist its fulfillment among individuals, groups and human societies in practice suffer from distortions by spoilers and those who are unhappy seeing Ma’di as a tribe survive like them.

    We, Ma’di as a peaceful tribe must continue to appeal to the idea of justice, nevertheless experience shows that some southern tribes in have gained the upper hand over justice, such as spite, hatred and even cruelty. Such cases, the desire to annihilate the enemy, to limit his freedom, or even to force him into total dependence, become the fundamental motive for action, and this contrasts with the essence of justice, which by its nature tends to establish equality and harmony between the diverse southern tribes. Not in vain did Christ challenged his listeners, faithful to the doctrine of the Old Testament, for their attitude, which was manifested in an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” This was the form of distortion of justice at that time, and today’s tribal leaders in the southern Sudan continue to modeled on it and involved in a tribal war and domination in southern Sudan.

    It is obvious, in fact, that in the name of an alleged justice and tribalism (e.g. historical justice, or class justice) the Africans tribes in the Southern Sudan are being instigated by spoilers of “CPA” to destroy “CPA”, and forced on southern tribes to start the killing of themselves by themselves, and deprived of liberty and holistic progress, or stripped of fundamental rights,” by the current tribal behavior in the southern Sudan and using southern tribal leaders to fail SPLM/A vision for independent southern Sudan.

    God bless you, southern intellectuals and give you wisdom, Amen

  3. Every time I am hearing conflict in the soil of Ma’di – Ma’di are the peaceful people and people who needs oneness to take us to the parts that we needs, and if today it is the issues of Dinka that is causing and raising tensions on my people, frankly take your administrations out of Nimule and leave my people alone. We are intelligent and we have deeply understood our poverty and those who lead us into poverty, therefore please if you are today in the soil of Ma’di you must remain in respect and respect must be respected. If you are politicians, an army, an officers, educationers, and others – you must learn how to corporate with the natives people you were involves. Killing are regarded past and old school, therefore those behind killing and conflict must watch out and we must work in the interest of the people to mark our world a safer place for us all.
    The pretenders who pretends to be politicians and have not records of plans are the most dangerous politicians halting the interest and scaring live of the people worldwide, today let me tell all of you the people in Sudan and the people worldwide, we have missed the cleared records that is tracking freedom and the needs of our people and it had leaded us into hell. Today we must learn how to ask and to put down our mass destructive weapons with which we are scaring communities that will help us put infrastructures development and shift economy to put in welfare and to kick away the operation of the organizations that are accelerating war and conflict across our world. The time is right and the moment is our to decide which live is better for all us, so that we can together kick away discrimination of the white who imposed a durable live for themselves and live the rest to suffer. Today I am speaking because of the conflict the Dinka had imposed in the soild Ma’di, meanwhile the Ma’di who are working in the Dinka region had a clear record and they are doing good jobs changing the live of the people and showing the route of unity and how our only Sudan will stand. Thank you allover for understanding to work as team for now and on. Thank you all.

  4. In creating friendly environment you people in Sudan and other part of the dangerous zones, we must learn how to get to the people and put their interest heard rather than carrying decentralization put our economy down. In my yesterday speech – I have mentioned very clearly that we must work with plans, then we can easily get things done to people the way they need it. The issues of Discrimination must be removed and I want to see each one of you are one. This is because of unity and alu – alu which we must learn to share to put all things right. If we are isolating ourselves per tribe and we can’t work or team, we would not achieve, and if we are using weapons to thread the live of other people we can’t get into what we are expecting – therefore we must work together with plans so that things will rights. To you and others we are one. Thank you for understanding to use skills and experiences to change the life of people rather than slaughtering them or raping – thank you again allover, there will be time things will change with just one word unless dictators are stupids.

  5. The issues in Africa is not the easiest one but I really understood the problems down there and we must remain in custody meaning selfreliancy and coping with one another – the plans I have covered everyone needs in the World and cities where each one of you forms bodies will developed under the situations of coping to ease ourselves from the difficult task we are doing. The rich and poor we are united and we will do your will, therefore respect are the key factors. Let tell the truth and the truth will be done,

  6. Mr. Deng Ajak

    It seems you are not able to report the truth, remember the truth will set you free, no problem in Madiland? are you kidding or just joking about the facts, on you three visits to Southern Sudan as you claimed, did you go to the madiland? to do some findings and research so you can come up with this bogus reports of yours? reading your articles makes one wonder how did you obtain your B.S in the Health systems managements. Please next time do some research before you responds to any articles, otherwise you are will be named the minister of disinformation amongst the Southern Sudan masses had you rightly put it.

    Edward Zowe

  7. Your description was very clear, but you people over there must be able address your issues facing the individuals or the families – even if you are the SPLA or an officer working in the region of Ma’di land or any other regions, it is the responsbilities of managers handling that particular jobs to be able to raise concern for the people he/she working for, infact dealing with land grabs even you are government you mandates are to adress the issues facing individuals in that particular regions and you must know that to sell their land mean it will be done on their request and in the ownership of the particular of families – and if you are acting to change the life of people don’t use forces, use you skills and experiences which is pen and notebook to battle the disputes putting your communities apart, should you know you shouldn’t have use weapons both for the LRA and any other rebels involves on the people, those communities are innocent people and no one following you up in your hidding therefore give my people allover the world the chances of life expectancies so that they will die on God will, should you know nothing would have been hard allover the world and suppose our people interest are already been hard if all of us acting to make a similarities in our world. We are Canadian and our leave mean one, there is not different we can put, but our is the similarities to be one and to ensure the whole world is in the interest of faith, that can enable to the direction to focus, meaning going one way in respect unity peace development liberty and freedom, should we know, all our world will wear the same smile for now and forevermore –

  8. Deng Ajak Jongkuch appearance in http://www.sudantribune.com is not only a shock but a critical lack of knowledge about consequences of crisis in the country. The visions of some government officials in South Sudan will continue to endanger life of the people; unfortunately it’s the grass roots that will pay the price for what they never bargain for. There is only one critical issue in the South Sudan, “Dinka thirst for the Equatorians land is not only a diseases in the country, but also a foundation for a prolong aggression due to negligence from GoSS”. The support gained by IDPs from GoSS is one of the greatest shortsightedness the world has ever seen from a government of the people. GoSS had assembled Dinkas in different countries in and around the world just to denounce oppressions, mistreatment, intimidations, land grabbing, rape, forceful marriages, forced sexual relationship with minors, destructions of people search resources, and all shorts of human right abuses which this one tribe government is doing in the greater Equatoria with evidence. The biggest problem here is that, GoSS is not a reforming government, but strictly a government of occupation which had been a long plan before launching attacks in 1983 in the name of fighting the Sudan government as a flat form. Unless there can emerge some visionary South Sudan to make the GoSS more inclusive than excluding the great majority at the expense of benefiting the few who are totally corrupt.

  9. Samuel Match Gai

    Sudan by nature is not a sole Dinka land, the recent attitudes of domination in country is not a joke but a serious movement that will interrupts peace in the south for generations. Dinka quest of living everywhere in Sudan did not match the authenticity of living everywhere anybody like. Forcing south Sudanese to adhere to force by guns is not a solution to the existing problems in the south Sudan. The issues of land robbery are the greatest miscalculation of the SPLA/M, and the government of south Sudan. What some Dinka are doing are not in agreement with the protocol of CPA, if some Dinka think CPA is Dinka itself that is why they can assume total independent from the rule of law and judicial systems in the country, we must know it’s the south Sudanese who struggle for CPA, if CPA turned to only for Dinka and the Arabs in the North, it will be the right of south Sudanese to kill CPA and buried it to eradicate this persistent suffering among the people right from the 2005 after getting the CPA.
    The prejudice and discriminations imposed by Dinka in the south will never and ever benefit any Sudanese; it’s just for their satisfaction. The corruption among top SPLA officials who are predominately from Dinka tribe and the ongoing suffering in the south inflicted by them are witnesses to whatever come may. To continue with these malpractices in the country is going to infect every person because some Dinka had already shown that if you want to get anything, you must rob, grab, rape, abuse, intimidate, corrupt, kill, disobey rule of law, have guns, use force, and apply all evils ways for self interest. Human by nature cannot live under such circumstances, let Dinka elders sit and think critical about what is going on in the country. These are a groundless havoc and turmoil been used purposely to see that Dinka have access among all the tribes in the south to peruse bogus principle of “born to rule”. It’s only a matter of timing; such provocation can easily lead to manmade cat atrophy in the country. When are we learning to live in peace among other people? Most land where Dinka settled on in the south, they must cause problem by advocating their believes over the believes of the native people. Quoting Malakal incident, why would Dinka like to be superior in Malakal over the peaceful Shiluk people? Why do they want to practice their culture meanwhile pushing the Shiluk to lag behind them over their mother land? As I am thanking some tribes like the Madi, Acholi, and Bari among others in Equatoria who are using modernized way of resolving their indifferences with Dinka over prolong domination in their ancestral soil, I am also appreciating the step take by the Shiluk, because that is exactly what Dinka wants to be known for.

    The situation in Equatoria especially in Madi and Bari land is very nasty up to know, but not body is paying attention to the suffering of the people there, these however does not shows that the suffering individuals have no alternatives, but so that some Dinka can be brought in line to learn living with others. Dinka are not all bad, but most of them have wrong attitudes towards other people.

    The arrest of Editorof Magazines had shown clearly that complains over land occupation had been taken by the governemnt, since the majority of GoSS officials are from Dinka tribe, its the law working in the south, but Dinka policies over the rest of south Sudanese is what matters, that is why the situations in Acholi, Madi, and Bari land occupation is not expected to appear in news papers. In most cases most people had been blocked in mentioning Dinka crruptions in the country, with all these, we have a lot to do to reinstate our lost glory among different tribes in the country. We cannot continue to live under Dinka dominated governemnt which is nasty and oppressive.

  10. Even if it is the government of SS pressing people and relocating people, all the government should understand the meaning of friendly environment and the approach to speak and to safe guard the citizens in Sudan – otherwise the work of the SS government is running out of experiences to hold sign of respect in their citizens, infact east is east and north is north and south is south and west is west, therefore the good must be seen the sooner the SS government soliders or their army step down

  11. All is not about quarrel as a key to Dinka destructions in the south; we know destructions can be fixed, after all development is a result of social construction. The major concerns are about the wrong movement, land occupations, robbery, and destructions of natural assets in the south by Dinka tribe. If we talk about Dinka as a whole, to support their evil desire some will surely tried to escape from this generalization forgetting that “birth of the some father flock together” it’s not easy to change Dinka perceptions about other south Sudanese, that is why all evil accepts had been employed by them to fixed themselves among other tribes so that they will continue to interrupt them as they keep peace in their mother land. Southern Sudanese must know that this is a fake politics which will not help anyone as Dinka benefits among, you will continue to work for them on your ancestral land and slowly all your belonging will turn to be their own with support from the government of south Sudan as their widest project. Look here, during the war they moved and fixed themselves among the Madi, the Acholi, the Bari, the Azande, Tapoza, Latuka, Mundari among others in Equatoria, these tribes were expecting if there is peace, these Dinka will go to where they belonged, but what turned out today? “they are not going because they fought for those places” “their presences in those places is what the SPLA/M is all about” “those places had been promised to them” and all bunches of evils surrounding Dinka stays in Equatoria and some parts of Upper Nile today, Malakal in Particular. We have a lot of good politicians in the south Sudan, they know all these Dinka policies, but they are quiet due to some threats surrounding them. In truth, it’s a disease to think that all south Sudan tribes will submit to them by using guns as threatening machines for their actions among different group of people in the country. If you can see Dinka in Khartoum today, you will not believe that they are also there as far as Nimule the last border of Sudan to Uganda. This is exactly the mindset of vandals, not having the feelings there are other people out there, but only “we are the one”.
    If you can see Brigadier William Deng who was caught red-handed by the Madi people in selling their land to the Somali complaining and struggling to sue the editor of the News papers for publishing that report, it’s just because the law in the country had been coined in favour of Dinka, hence, he could see selling Equatorian land is not a problem. For sure Mr. Kiir is going to back him, but Sudanese must understand what it means to support a criminal who is caught in the very act of selling some once land, besides to s stranger who is well known by the world as a cobra. (Somalian) We need to stand guard and be alert, because people are disappearing and we do not know where they are going. In Kapoeata alone, over 40 strong men disappeared but the GoSS inclined to report on the government sponsored Daily News Papers. In Tombora-Yambio, the GoSS blames over 50 people who were murdered on the Ugandan LRA, but the local people verified with evidence that it was the SPLA/M soldiers that carried the massacres, in fact one of the murders who were injured by the local people happened to be an SPLA/M soldier from Dinka tribe, therefore, its beyond imagination to understand where the SPLA/M policies is driving the south Sudanese at the moment. As some tribes acknowledged that how long Dinka will stay in their land will not matter, but what matter is so long as they stay, they will continue to be refugees is a very good principle, and I also acknowledged that what Dinka processing among different ethnics group and bossing that they are the wealthiest in Sudan is a result of a collective thefts. Time will come when each and every south Sudanese will get what belongs to them by rights, all the stolen land will go back to the rightful owners without condition, and the existing evil supremacy will disappear in the country once and for all. The 1972 peace agreement was killed by Dinka in Juba due to the currently existing greed over the belongings of others, know that they are prepared to killed the CPA, but, killing CPA would means splitting Sudan into pieces. An Equoatoria is large enough to be a Dinka free country of its own.
    Ananias Akoll Oyi

  12. The only lasting solution to problems land disputes in the south Sudan is to disqualify IDPs by taking them to where they belong. It will not serve any good reason to keep those IDPs among different ethnic groups and expecting no problems. Dinka by nature cannot coexist among other groups of people without having feelings of dominating them. If the government of south Sudan is not ready to take the IDPs home, then it should expect a revolt because with the presences of Dinka among different ethic groups in the south, there will never and ever be peace in the south until the people will struggle to disown the IDPs.
    Visitors have no right to boss to his host, but here the government of south Sudan is seeing the opposite as Dinka are interrupting peace among different ethnic groups in the country. For we are not that blind in the country, we know intensity of Dinka havoc and turmoil among different ethnic groups, there are evidence which as Mr. Kiir was direct eye witness to Malakal crisis early this year. I can still recall, when Mr. Thomson Jadal Loro’s article busted in the Sudan Mirror early last year, he had been criticized by many people who are regretting today, in the same context all south Sudanese will regret not in future but soon than later as we can practically see what is going on. We need not to over throw the GoSS, but GoSS had greatly change direction from saving south Sudan population to saving an ethic group which is a great crime in the GoSS. Change is a process and is very important for a government like GoSS. Should the existing mentality be brought to an end, the GoSS will survive, otherwise, maintaining Dinka as IDPs among different group of people will remain epidemic to us all including the IDPs themselves. In the whole south Sudan, it’s Dinka who are just purposely been kept among different ethnic groups as IDPs, you can ask your selves, why the GoSS hurriedly called for repatriation of different group of people to their home land except Dinka? Why some tribes very close to the Dinka had be repatriated without security issues? Why GoSS is encouraging land shell in some strategic places like Nimule as the indigenous were refused from coming home as there is peace? let us all be crtical minded, otherwise, we will all be criminals captives in our ancestral land.
    John Mattipp James, Wau-Sudan

  13. My age will not allow me to see, but the current situtaions in the south is a great assualts and attacks on our sons and daugthers to terminate their future in our ancestral soil.
    The Arabs in the North know how they occupied that parts of the country that is why they drafted land law in the country in a way to protect the occupied land under their custody. Dinka in Sudan themselves know these. But having knowledge of how Arabs occupied the north had been twisted by Dinka to do the same to the rest of south Sudan. The SPLA/M land policy dose not respect any land in the country belonging to other ethnic group. In the same way when Arabs were occupying our country no single Sudanese native have ever gone to where they come from to settle or grab land, Dinka are playing the same game today, if you are to take any set to Dinka land today, as they misbehave in other parts of south Sudan, they will immediately beginning calling you “Juru”. The chiefs must know why you were there, if you don’t have clear stand according to their observation they will give you specific time to leave without fail.
    Time and again they are at the same note singing for “they body can live any where you feel like”. Behind the cover of this song is only Dinka can spread among other ethnic groups for political feudal purpose? Otherwise, Dinka are using the Arabs way of pushing us from north to south, in the same development, very soon Dinka will begin representing other ethnic groups in the parliament. Dinka way of seeing Sudan is completely different from the rest of Sudanese. That is some of them can stand shameless to say “the whole of Sudan is a grabbed land”. These are some kind of disease in our time, but if this time is allow to continue, remember your sons and daughters, and see how worst is Dinka oppression from the beginning, and estimate about 50 years to come: how worst will this oppression be on our sons and daughters on our ancestral soil. If we don’t mind as Sudanese, a Dinka will not mind about you, instate all your belonging will be confiscated by them, you will continue to work for them as they take all offices in the country educated and uneducated alike. Reexamine the beginning of SPLA/M and see what is happening now and think about the future from now. Our major problem today is the threats surrounding us on our ancestral land. The way Dr John Garang planted Dinka all over south Sudan is another mistake to be reexamined. Intellectuals from different ethnic groups have been used to brainwash their own people about SPLA/M policies which had been a top secret among the Dinka, but know as we can see the consequences, let us also ask our intellectuals if this is what they know about SPLA/M as they convinced us to accepts their polices. Some religious people had played significant roles to settle Dinka in various parts of south Sudan, especially in Equatoria. Danka had been looked with religious eyes as suffering people who are in need of help, but what have religious leaders have to say today as they can see the land on which these masses of Dinka settled is now almost going to be a disputed land in the country. As I write, disputes between Didinga and Dinka here in Chukudum was not the end of crisis here, today we still have a lot to do, if it mean regaining our full potentials. I am telling you these because I was in Bor for officials’ duty, but the way I was interrogated by some Dinka clearly indicated to me that there is something wrong in the south Sudan. The freedom Dinka have in Equatora today is not only a simple freedom, but is a way of expanding Dinka land. I am not against Dinka in any way, but the SPLA/M policies of seeing Dinka as the only tribe in the south, if this politics continue in the country, how worst will it be if the oppressed got out from these York of oppression under the SPLA/M polices. Stay awake, as your land is going today, tomorrow will be “you” to go, because you will have no where to lay your head. What had been globally burnt about 500 years ago had resurrected in the south Sudan with the birth of SPlA/M in 1983.
    John Loguti Loyikoyi

  14. Darius Tongno

    In January 24th & 26th, the Madi, Dinka IDPs, Magwi County, and the Eastern Equatoria authorities held a conference to resolve the alarming crisis imposed by Dinka IDPs in the region and to find a lasting solution. This conference also shadowed the endless stay of Nimule natives in exile after the CPA. It had been one of the significant conferences and most people acknowledged the outcome been positive in principle, however, the practical process is expected to begin with registrations and lastly repatriations of IDPs.
    This had greatly turned to be a trouble to the whole Eastern Equatoria, the conference which was held amicably where Eastern Equatoria authorities and the IDPs representative agreed in repatriation had been seen negatively among Dinka; groups of armed Dinka are moving to Eastern Equatoria State in large number. Their movement had been confirmed from Jonglie State, on their way more people had been displaced , most Bari living in farmland are displaced scarily, some Loluboo community bordering Madi in the North had to run to Juba as their houses had been set ablaze by this armed Dinka group.
    While in the Madiland, before the armed group from Jongolie reached to Moli and Kerepi, there are some Dinka on the ground struggling to push the Madi people out from those locations, three Madi had been reportedly killed in these two places before arrivals of what some people here in Juba called “Dinka reinforcement to protect the occupied land in Eastern Equatoria”, however, arrivals of the armed groups finally prompted the Madi people to flee to Pageri, Loa, and others are moving towards Nimule as their houses and any thing that could provide food and shelter had been smashed down (The scotch earth policy), before the Nimule conference, it had been confirmed by both the “Acholi” and Madi that there is a fresh Dinka invasion in their bordering areas, these was far from Nimule and other Madi towns, from a place called Atapi to Acholiland bordering the Madi in the West had been demarcated by Dinka without the concern of Magwi County and District authorities. But no body is expected to say any thing, this had long been a place of disappearance, many Acholi & Madi that disappeared surprisingly from among their people where confirmed to have been killed here.
    The new exodus of Dinka into Eastern Equatoria State is what south Sudanese had to look into, it does not mean any thing but trouble to all, the invaders and the government of south Sudan have “double edged sword” against the south Sudanese population. How can the GoSS allow all these happening without issuing a decree to prevent it? We are still suffering from hallucinations of the recent Malakal crisis where the Shiluk (Collo) been murdered innocently in their ancestral soil, not only the Malakal crisis, but also there is massacre imposed on the Wullu people on their land, some have to run to Wau and the neighboring areas to survive, raising a call for humanitarian attention. Now again displacing people in Eastern Equatoria State, now, what hope again do the rest of people would have to their GoSS?
    In Juba it had been notice openly that the important conference in Nimule which was organized with authorities of GoSS had been neglected, some responsible GoSS officials are quoted to have said, “they cannot allow that to happen, for they are GoSS and GoSS is them”. I have Minutes of Nimule conference here with me as I write, the Eastern Equatoria Sates and representative of IDPs both agreed to implement the term of the agreement immediately with the help of NGOs on the ground. It had also been confirmed that the actual native people of Nimule are still in exile, for a long period of time, their attempts to return home had been under threats of IDPs. Now if the big population in Nimule today does not include the native of Nimule themselves, what is their in the mind of Dinka about the native of Nimule to stay in exile after CPA? How many years these Natives people will spent in the exile doesn’t matter, the problem is, these nasty situation will force some people to come home violently if the right to their own belonging have been denied including their own land. I strongly condemned these invasions, killing and burning houses, but if Dinka think that is what south Sudan is, then it’s good to fight for restoration of the lost glory among different people in the country.

  15. Attention the Editorial team,
    I am replacing my first article with the second one; the first article was my rough draft, brief and concise. The second article covered all what I want to say.
    Thanks and regards
    The above is not to be published except the below:

    Dreams of Dinka about the rest of the people are dream of death.
    Dinka in Nimule had greatly damage images of all Dinka in the world. The Nimule conference that was organized by Torit district and Magwi county officials for the repartition of IDPs is the greatest signals for the Sudanese to know perceptions of Dinka over the rest of Sudanese. The new Dinka exodus to Eastern Equatoria State is the beginning of the end of every struggle in the country if no attention is taken by the responsible people. The government of south Sudan must know that no body would like to be done to them what Dinka are doing among different ethnic groups in the country. Dinka are committing crimes which will never and ever disappear from the memory of a single Sudanese, in one way they are building permanent enmity with different group of people, in another, Dinka are truth sign of segregation, discrimination, stereotype, disunity, unrest, destructions, reductionism, hostilities, killing, and all shorts of hate crimes. If GoSS cannot solve these problems by taking Dinka IDPs away from different ethnic groups in the country, then it will surely cause a serious holocaust. So far some members of Madi tribe had reportedly been killed, houses burnt down and displacement going on simultaneously in front of the civil society and the government of southern Sudan. I am calling up the affected community, especially the Madi and Acholi in the Eastern Equatoria state, the Shiluk, and the Wullu in the Lake state to remain firm to their identity, never give up, there had never been a situation in the world without intervention of a saviour. It’s good that with the help of the new digital technology, we are able to intercept the situations and have evidence handy. For those who are not having Dinkas in their areas any where in the south, please shield your territory and be ready to protect what you great grandparents left for you and your generations. The situation in Torit District and Malakal need to be arrested jointly by the rest of south Sudanese, breaking through these situations will allow Dinka to pursue their policies of Dinkazation which is very harmful to all south Sudanese. The Arabs policies during our great grand parents had resurrected in Sudan in Dinka tribe. Dreams of Dinka about the rest of the people are dream of death.
    Daniel Yakani Dedemo,dyakanidedemo@yahoo.ca
    Koja-Keji, Sudan

  16. Deng Akuei de Garang, You are in Nairobi and I am in the south Sudan, you presence in Nairobi could be a measure to escape the promises SPLA/M made to our people, otherwise, today every where in the south Sudan our people are grieving for the promises as the government seems to people in support of no occupation any more and land occupied belonged to the native people, hence, we gain nothing from what they say. You don’t know exactly what is here on the ground as you might accumulated enough to be in Nairobi as people talk about SPLA/M corruption. The corruption in the SPLA/M is brought about by SPLA/M officials as they run away with the people money not only for escaping with the money but also fear the tribe mates` demand to protect their occupied land. As intellectuals rise up for their rights over their properties including land all over the south, its clear that people like you who deceive the local people during the war had used us as flat form to satisfy your greed against other tribes in the south. But you should remember that the scattered tribe mates all over the south are still perusing domination of south Sudan. Although the SPAL/M policies appeared to be changing policies, people are still having the booklet issued during the war with strict warning about disclosing the information’s in their hand including me. If these books are fake, then suing the SPLA/M in court is another alternative because this book had been signed by the genius SPLA/M officials from our tribe. I am disappointed that you who know the truth are still corrupting the mind of the Sudan population not knowing that there are intellectuals out there to jUDGE,Daniel Mawal Ajak

  17. madutkaulmadut@yahoo.ca : Madut Kaul Madut, Australia

    The deceive book had been circulated among all the intellectuals and the few that resisted where not to be seen any more. To day I am in Australia not because of any thing I have done to the SPLA/M, but because I refuted the content and terms of the booklet altogether. Bringing what the booklet in discussion said in Sudan today will cause emergence which will burry the CPA and more casualties that will follow.
    For Brother Deng Akuei de Garang, don’t provoke the situation at home, live these people to compromise and find a lasting solution for our people to understand southern Sudan is Not a sole Dinkaland as the booklet claimed to be. South Sudan belonged to the vast ethnic groups in the country including us. Promising war over the grabbed land is a nightmare, do we expect indigenous of those places to integrate in their country of exiles? To me our people had benefited by been displaced among different group of people during the war, now it’s the right time to take all these different skills to our land and apply it in the different filed of development.

  18. The booklet which is also called Dr Garang`s book is a family booklet which had not been officially published. For those who read Dr Garang`s booklet you know exactly what it says, it’s all about information’s addressed to us as motivation when Dr Ganrag was appealing to Dinka as part of his family to join the movement of liberation war. Analyzing this book negatively will not save any body than fabricating war; in the first place it’s not official, secondly it was secret during the war to avoid conspiracy from the government. He also concluded by saying this is a top secret so that those who are handling it among the government side will not fall into trouble. If some Dinka wants to use this booklet to torture some people over their land and properties because Dr. Garang wrote this booklet, I am very sorry for the misinterpretation. The most important thing is to assess the security in our land and by law and by nature those in the displaced Camps and in exiles will be repatriated event if it means by force. I have already seen there is a great conspiracy all over south Sudan about this booklet, but to assure you Dr Garang wrote this booklet to us (his people) and the promises people are talking about is the Arabs properties and land they grabbed in the south. This is what he said about land and properties, “The land and properties in the south Sudan belonged to you, if we can liberate it then it will be our own”. He did not mention any specific parts of south Sudan but he talked about it as a whole. I hope this is what any politician will do to win favor of his people.
    If Dr Garang`s booklet keeping some brothers and sisters in different parts of south Sudan rather than our land, then all crimes committed in south Sudan during SPLA/M regime among the south Sudanese by our people will be a crime of misinterpretation. If the parliament of GOSS is optimistic, then these issues must be address in the parliament and a lasting solution must be found effectively, otherwise, conspiracy among the people about this particular booklet is widely spread and I am surprise to receive a call from Newzaland requesting me to talk to the local people to stop discussion about family matters. For those who are resisting coming home because a book is written, remember you are advocating for what you would not like to see. If you know what happened in December, 2008, and in January, 2009 in the Middle East, you will not sit any where in the south on other people’s land and properties because a book had been written. Any Dinka using Dr Garangs booklet to continue with what is going on in the south; it should be taken personal and the affected individuals must react to this to the best of their right to belonging. No body must threatened any one on his/her rights.

    Stephen Marial Bior

  19. Garang’s secret message to his people in his booklet is a threat to unity of Sudan. The discovery of Garang’s booklet which betrayed south Sudan as a Dinka Land exclusively is a package to the boiling point of grievance about crime committed by Dinka during the war and after the CPA among different ethnic groups. These crimes committed in the country requires another comprehensive resolution by the Sudan government and the sister government of south Sudan. There are a lot of things that happened and still happening in the southern Sudan to which people simultaneously failed to get answer. But a Dinka IPD who is very serious about living the occupied land and the war spoiled among different ethnic groups is a savior to the minds of Sudanese. It’s an answer to all the doubts Sudanese and other people where having about the SPLA/M. This also answer why there where a lot of factions during the war? Why Dr. John Garang concentrated the war in Equatoria and brings his tribe mates who later turned that they are not going any where. People’s doubt about why the war was not taken to Bor is now clear. I used to be perceive about the situations in the south Sudan, but now my conscience is awake like any body else. The answer to Dr. John Garang’s message during the war is very open now “any body who advocate separatism with Sudan government will receive the first bullet from the SPLA”. It is here that we can see Sudan government had not been the enemy. But as an appeal let the elders try to resolve these issues soon than latter, by this booklet, Dinka elders must apologize to all the tribes in the South Sudan before people pay a revenge whose repercussion will be a great disaster in the who country. wabenny05@hotmail.com
    Ethiopia, Gambella Camp
    Bazilious Guok Wal

  20. Ezekiel Deng Garang, your vision is clear but false. The presence of IDPs in Nimule have got nothing to do with protection of this land, instead they are the greatest problem we notice than the Arabs in the north with whom we negotiating with. With the North or the Arbas, we are already on the table of negation, but the presence of IDPs in Madi or in Equatoria and the rest of south Sudan will amount to war in the country expectedly than quoting the Arabs as threats to peace in south Sudan. The IDPs especially from Dinka tribe all over south Sudan are the greatest threat to peace any where in the south Mr Ezekiel. Encouraging IDPs here in Nimule by giving those guns and bullets direct from Bor to protect them will cause war you will not be ready to fight. Every human person has right to their belonging, but in Niumle the IDPs are focusing at a point which will end with war because they are not here for any security reason from their homeland. These people are going to Bor day and night trying to establish homes both sides, so don’t keep forging reasons to support the IDPs before international community, you should not forget that so long as IDPs are in Nimule, they will be refugee even a 1000 years, because the international community know the native people of Nimule are in exile. You will keep forging reasons to accompany what IDPs are perusing in Nimule, a mission which is visible and targeted, but don’t forget that Madi and all the Equatorians are not the Arabs we fought for. If we were fighting the Arabs, by now we could concentrate our forces in the surrounding border with the north, not in Madi land. Mr Ezekiel Deng Garang, to assure you, two trucks that came from Bor last week as if it is bringing business IDPs had been noticed for bringing illegal guns, these guns and bullets circulated among the Dinka IDPs very first but we still don’t know what si it for. If you are bringing more illegal arms in Nimule, whom are you targeting with these guns? I am saying these because as a soldier, I don’t want such behavior and we would like not to see IDPs kills people for doing all these without a word from our government.
    Gabriel Gardluck Mech

  21. The presence of Dinka IDPs in various parts of south Sudan reflects the vision of Garangs’ Evil Booklet in the country. There are not many witnesses the government of south Sudan needs to defend the plot for extinguishing other tribes from their ancestral land. The image of the movement had been blow off right after CPA when Dinka started scrambling over peoples’ land and properties. The major question is “what is the government of South Sudan up to” by allowing such idiotic plan with expectation that it might flourish. The Evil Booklet, the oppression of the rest sof outh Sudanese in their ancestral soil all lay in the hand of the government of south Sudan. Knowing that presence of IDPs is the greatest isuses in the south today, still some government officials who are behind all these plan think the civil society are so passive to know what is going on. As time is counting, retaining Dinka IDPs among the rest of tribes for perusing what they called promises, Garang wrote a booklet, south Sudan is our own, and etcetera and etcetera, this is a possible way of calling Darfur to our side. Having a leader from Dinka does not mean oppression of the rest of south Sudanese and taking all their belonging. Since leadership is based on quality, what if the circumstance change in the country and a leader happen to come from one of these tribes under oppression, what will the situation turn like to Dinka? All the claims made by Dinka to oppress the rest of south Sudanese will one day turn into oppression if the government of the people keeps silent about what it knows to be deadly attempts. When will Dinka IDPs learn that south Sudan is NOT solely a Dinka land? Failure to get knowledge of these would mean the fight which was fought in the south had not been against the Sudan, but a movement to breed the existing orthodox political feudalism in the south. Its truth, the SPLA/M when to the bush not because of the government, but the current situation in South Sudan is the answer.
    Simon Deng

  22. Sudan is Not a bad country, but our attitudes towards one another is the greatest threats that will not be cure unless we give to each what belongs to them by right

    Situation in south Sudan require transparency for any success. I am not surprise SPLA/M turned into oppression of people whom it claimed to liberate. The reasons why there were a lot of factions during the war was exactly what is happening today. Some wise people detected what is happening today and ended up breaking away to avoid the current situations in the Sudan. The reason why CPA was hurriedly brought forth is to avoid further defection in the movement system. As Dinka got spread almost all over, “As the major goal of the war”. My appeal to the GoSS and the civil society is to initiate transparency because the major target of SPLA/M is out and the vast majority in the country will not be ready to dance in that tune. I don’t think Sudanese are ready for another war event the 21 years old had turned the meaning of the war up and down, that is to say from “the people liberation” to “Dinka being the sole south Sudanese”. I am putting these material down because with the outbreak of Garangs War Booklet, some elders in my surrounding had concluded that what comes out about the war is right and they are not supervise because they knew from the first bullets before SPLA/M was born. To these elders, SPLA/M is a by-product of what comes out in Garangs War Booklet, SPLA/M otherwise, was born to win favor of people to liberate their own land on which Dinka will later settle and declare a colony or every things are theirs’. This is the most important reflection the government of south Sudan has to mediate upon and find a durable and sustainable solution. GoSS officials involvement in the maintaining the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Dinka ethnicity in all the corners of south Sudan is not politics in any sense, but it is aggravation and motivation of war by all means. As an elder, I see turmoil a head of us “if” Dinka IDPs are not removed from any where they are. stephen.bata@yahoo.ca
    Stephen Bata

  23. Sudan-Yambio
    Thomas Chiliro
    This message is directed to those who are supporting IDPs presence in Equatoria. It’s unfortunate for responsible people to involve in such irresponsible practices in the country. The campaign about living any where one like or forceful land grapping in Equatoria will not help any single peace loving Sudanese than preparing the existing generation for another phrase of war in the country. If what some Dinka are doing in Equatoria today is why the war was fought, then we have no choice because this situation will likely bust into a revolt. No matter how numerous Dinka are in the country, this does not reflect superiority in any senses, the government intention to leave them pursue other peoples’ land and properties will neither help the government itself. Disarming all the ethnic groups in the country at the expense of arming Dinka IDPs so that they can forcefully fix themselves among them is a delusion and is a disease. The civil society in country should understand that, tomorrow if the situation gets worst, they will not see any of those who are inciting and arming the IDPs among them. The IDPs case is becoming complex because it’s a game of the corrupted GoSS officials, the government budgets for rehabilitations and development in the south Sudan is going back to the developed nations daily. We now these with evidence, the major reason are that, unconcern people are given responsible of not serving the civil society, but responsibilities of enriching themselves in the shortest period possible. Incase these situation get worst, still the innocent people will be victimized. For IDPs who think now they are in heaven, they must know that they are in a great held. What you are doing are things that we cannot see everyday any where in the world, tomorrow it will be too late to say I wish. Land is a natural socioeconomic factor.

  24. It was on the 20th February, 2009 when a report came to Nimule town that the IDPs in the Madi land of Nimule had reportedly organized and broken a bridge on River Aswa to prevent the proposed and agreed repatriation. Braking Aswa River is a new castratrophy caused by Dinka IDPs here in Nimule. The massive people in Nimule predominately from Dinka tribe will equally face the challenge of their misconduct. At the moment buses and other trucks are completely blocked from moving, traveling to Juba is a very big problem. Since there is not crop growing due to IDPs cattle in Nimule and Mugale, expectation for starvation is very high. I was asking myself how the IDPs managed to break Aswa Bridge, but this had been a long term plan especially among the mobile IDPs (those IDPs moving to Bor and coming back to Nimule frequently). The group of IDPs that broke the bridge did it on purpose after living their truck right a cross the river, they hurriededly when the very night and at the moment no body know whom they are it’s a tragic attempt. In 1996 the bridge on this river was blow off to prevent the enemy from crossing which was very clear and understandable to every peace loving persons. But this had given a wrong implication for IDPs that this bridge can be broken at will. The IDPs in Madiland had blow the bridge off to prevent them from crossing to their Mother land. I know some people may appear to deny what IDPs are doing here, but remember the disaster resulting from the IDPs will not only be a problem to the Madi people but the entire population in the country especially in Juba, many people who are depending on the food transported from Uganda via Nimule will now wait for the goods that comes via KojaKeji a long way off, the price rise is another problem too. The investigation process might not succeed because of blockade from some GoSS official, but it’s a very bad attempt which clearly justified claim of IDPs over land and properties of other people. I did not see reason for them to react by blowing off the bridge. No where on earth a refuge can behave this way among the host community.
    Gabriel Gardluck Mech

  25. Abraham Thon Kai

    Gaarang Makungu, Canada: I am very sorry if you did not see danger of breaking bridges on river Aswa. I am greatly disappointed for your thinking that some Dinka are right to destabilize every tribe in the country. Pray God all the misbehaviors by some Dinka IDPs are happening before intellectuals who care very much about peace and prosperity in the country. Been narrow minded is not only trouble to the victims, but also the perpetrators will face the some consequences, threats in Equatoria is threats to Sudan as a whole. Now that you encourage your people to break Asswa Bridge, what good thing do you see in that? Remember most tribes in Sudan care very much about “you”, but with all these destructions and oppression, better disunity first to get actual unity. Breaking Bridge on river Asswa is not a solution to Dinka living anywhere in the country, with all these experiences, those who are escalating the situation will one day pay the price. The people that break the bridge now escape and hiding in Bor under the cover of the government of south Sudan, why are they hiding? Why wise man is hiding his activities which he knows is good for the people? All is about matters of understanding, but if Dinka wants living any where at the course of such destruction in the country, away with IDPs in Equatoria. If Goss is not listening to the cry of the people, then its human right violation, there is a need for liberty and equality; south Sudan is not a sole Dinka land, the claims that “Dr. John Garang said so or wrote a pamphlet”, is a misleading concept, dangerous in our country. Today I am not an Equatorian, I cannot go with all my family, guns and cattle and point the guns at them that let us live together! This is not a humanistic attempt to live together, but it’s a plan to oppressed and destroyed. So Mr. Gaarang Makungu your presence in Canada should tell you that you are blind about the situation our civil society is facing in the country, but if such misleading support to evil action is what you are there for, then the international communities are on the ground here too. Your message about the fate of south Sudanese does not reflect the expectation of any one. Canadians are peaceful people in the world, so learn to be like them by not campaigning for war in south Sudan. Breaking bridge on river Aswa by Bor Dinka is very wrong, IDPs claim of living any where with GoSS support is very wrong too, and you were wrong in what ever you said.

  26. hakimstephenson@rocketmail.com
    Sudan-Hakim Stephenson
    Reporting from Nimule-Sudan

    This time I need a prove, and now I proved it. It’s for quite a long time when I started learning about incidences in Madiland especially in Nimule and Mugali, but due to constant rebuttals from the government officials, I thought some of these rumors might be irrelevant and misleading. This is how I move to prove the incident on river Aswa, I crossed Juba Bridge heading towards Nimule, and I was asked in one of the custom, where I was going? To Nimule, I replied. The bridge is broken an officer in the custom told me, but I insist I have to go and I was left to continue my journey. I reached to River Aswa and found the bridge was broken. In order to avoid relying on rumors, this is exactly what had happened. People in Aswa where taken unaware by the incident: for about four days before the incident, some Dinka where under the bridge as if they were fishing, but they where busy untying the Nuts of the bridge. They removed all the key nuts and hurriedly left for Bor via Juba, evidence of some nuts where found just right at the sore of the river (7 Big Nuts). It happened that a truck was crossing the bridge and all of sudden in got trapped in between the bridge. One could visibly see that all the Nuts for the frame where untied. I packed my car and crossed the river from the water and when to Nimule walking a ling distance. In Nimule, while many people are mourning, Dinka are celebrating the damage on the bridge as an achievement to their stay in the Madieland of Nimule. At this very moment, situation in Nimule is very tense and one could see that people who are called IDPs are moving armed with guns and promising to kill.
    Unfortunately Ugandan UPDF and some Ugandan civilians are in Nimule following their cattle stolen by Dinka in Northern Uganda “now” damped in Nimule. Nimule at this very time is having two big problems to solve.
    1- IDPs broke the bridge so that they cannot be taken to Jongoli state. The complexity here is some government officials like William Deng and others were directly involved. They encouraged this IDPs Dinka from Bor to break the bridge to see which way the GoSS and the NGOs used to take them, so they broke the bridge. For William Deng, Dinka in Nimule are calling him Hero! Because at one time he sold Madieland to Somalis and now they planned and break a bridge.
    2- Cross border disputes, Ugandans are boiling seriously because Dinka crossed and raided cattle from Northern Uganda with evidence. They did not only when there to raid cattle, but also they robbed peoples’ properties, money in particular. Some of the cattle are already identified and soon the SPLA officials here in Nimule have to give it back to the Ugandans. Since there is clear evidence, no body can say no, we will remain responsible for the unfound Ugandan cattle.
    These are the most critical things happening now in Nimule. Let us not exaggerate, and let us not undermined, these are serious matters, it must be taken seriously to find durable and sustainable solution. Althought some government officials are directly involved in escalating these situation in the Madieland, GoSS must wake up and see these Dinka IDPs open mindedly, otherwise, how much will it cost to the government to reconstruct bridge on a river?
    CC: http://www.sudantribune.com
    CC: http://www.southsudannation.com
    CC: http://www.gurton.net

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  28. USSAP leader writes to South Sudan Prersident over insecurity and land grabbing
    Sunday 22 February 2009 04:10. Printer-Friendly version Comments…

    An Open Letter to
    H.E Salver Kiir Mayardit First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and President of Southern Sudan Government and Commander-in-Chief of SPLA Armed Forces, Juba, South Sudan


    Your Excellency,

    Subject: The alleged Wanton Attack on Anakdiar, Abanim, Obang, Atar (Collo areas), the land grabbing in Madi and Acholi land and the continued LRA’s attacks and brutal killings of civilians in Western Equatoria State.

    Please allow me first and foremost to extend on my own behalf and on behalf of my party, United South Sudan Party (USSP), our deep sympathy and condolences to the families of Collo (Shilluk) who lost their loved ones in Collo land in the hands of certain alleged Dinka elements following the alleged wanton attack on villages of Anakdiar, Abanim, Obang, Atar on 10 January 2009, in which 16 people were reported murdered according to a letter written by some local Members of Parliaments addressed to the Governor of Malakal on 15th January 2009 . We also extend our condolences to the families and relatives of the civilians killed by LRA’s sustained attacks in Western Equatoria State recently. For those who were injured on the 9th January, 2009, during the fourth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that took place in Malakal, we extend our sympathy to them and their loved ones.

    Your Excellency,

    It is high time that the government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) took serious measures to bring the murderers to justice. It has to be noted here that, unlike the events that followed the conclusion of the Addis Ababa Peace Agreement in 1972 where every refugee or displaced person went back to their original village and settled back to reconstruct their place, the signing of the CPA on 9 January 2005, has been marked by a series of fatal incidents in Western Equatoria State, Madi Land and Acholi Land in Eastern Equatoria and most recently, in Malakal, Anakdiar, Abanim, Obang and Atar involving land grabbing by some alleged Dinka elements. Surprisingly enough, the government of Southern Sudan has done too little to address these profoundly sad episodes. Unless the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) takes swift and stern measures against these perpetrators, GOSS will be accused of deliberately turning a ‘blind eye’ and condoning these deplorable atrocities. Such an irresponsible behaviour from a government will only encourage different communities to take the law into their own hands to protect themselves. That will plunge our country into chaos which we are totally against. In this connection, we have to be mindful of what happened in other African countries like Rwanda, Kenya, and so on, which we must learn a lesson from and take decisive actions to avoid at all cost. Any government has the obligation to protect all citizens regardless of their tribe; otherwise, the government will be failing in its duties and responsibilities. So, it would be wise to resolve this problem of land grabbing before it spins out of control.

    Your Excellency

    In light of the aforementioned problems, we recommend the following measures:

    1- The mindless murderers have to be brought to justice promptly. 2- Formation of an independent committee to probe the incidents in Malakal, Anakdiar, Abanim, Obang and Atar and their findings and recommendations to be made public.

    3- The borders issue of the counties within Upper Nile State as well as neighbouring states has to be settled without further ado.

    4- The displaced persons should be returned safely to their homes or villages and given compensation they deserve for all what they have lost as a result of the attack. Likewise the government has to give them protection in their villages.

    5- As for the land disputes in Madi and Acholi land, we advise that an independent committee be formed to probe the alleged land disputes in Madi and Acholi land to help the government resolve the matter amicably and speedily.

    6- The LRA attacks on civilians in WES must be taken more seriously than has so far been taken and be considered a declaration of war by the LRA (a foreign force) against the people of South Sudan. Therefore, we urge GOSS to invoke article 12(2), and 12 (3) of the permanent ceasefire and security arrangements implementation modalities and appendices so as to protect innocent civilians and the territorial integrity of Sudan without delay.

    7- Emergency relief aid, resettlement and rehabilitation programme need to be initiated through the state government with the help of GOSS to help those affected by the LRA attacks.

    Your Excellency

    We write this letter out of genuine concern for the common good of our people, the South Sudanese people, who have lost more than several million lives in the course of their struggle for freedom, independence and human dignity.

    Thank you very much.

    Clement Mbugoniwia Leader of United South Sudan Party (USSP

  29. Anyi ba Madi kogwe ba ru aii dri si, zee ni ga nyi ba odu ta morisiku, anyi ba kikwe ki aa ti vule, munduku tro, adusi ku ole ki aa kebu madi drudru aii ka anyi ba ebu edre re aa ni

    I got your report and it clearly represented on the region of Nimule, hence any thing that belong to non of the Ma’di people let them take where they were belong, we the Ma’di people we know this politic for more than BC and regarding the disagreement it is totally non of the Ma’di’s problems and everyone welcome in the region, but respect unity development and freedom are the key issues to all the Sudanese and others, if one person travel it doesn’t mean you to stay permanently at that place, look back where each one belong and let them come if it is vocation and viewing for correction,
    For the reporter, any thing disclosing must be made very clear to the readers worldwide and it must attract readers not to chase them away, so your report were cleared, but their force was burden to many people as seen,
    All the African in the developed countries and including immigrant should go home and help their people, because ebu oca ku ba dia rii ni, ok, siti sa iyo ta kwici ebe ci, kolea ba kwe ci gwe ba ru, alright, ba naii oniki taku, vua ta anyi aa delerii sa ebe aii ni ra, so ama kwe ci ko gwe vule, jo gwe ki ra ii

  30. I can see there are alot of problems in Malakal, so any things grab let it be given back and all prisoners are free, so in my eye there is not different and every thing one (ama), so it seem the misunderstanding is about little things and you people down there knows it better and let be fix immediately, if Sudan government is working for people and let the South Sudan work for people as well, so that the best will done immediately – I am negotiating freedom and things must be steady as it is required among all the Sudanese, therefore let them fix if they can, and the promise came from Japan therefore it is japan that could fix or may be they have communicated with the South Sudan or Sudan government to fix, so if you people see there fighting going in the region it is because there are grabbers and they left the real people that are doing the job still loitoiring in the exile, so let there be understanding between people and let be fix, for me I am not Commander in chief but I know what I am doing and I have not other feeling to hurt the intentions of other people, therefore let those soldiers back themselves and nothing much will happen to them, long live Sudan

  31. Chief Abiko, USA, you are pointing at wrong location, accusing Acholi, Madi and Moru for the crisis between Bari Vs Mundari is indirect presentation of Dinka grievance against those tribes. We know that people assembled all over the world to plan the oppression in the south, but the page will change one day. If the world is not permanent, then it must be a dream to think things are permanent in the south Sudan. We know the root cause of the fight, some government officials in the south Sudan are just employed to settle Dinka in Equatoria and plan to engage Equatoriaians to fight each other to break the natural unity among the people. It awkward for some Dinka to travel a long distance with documents to claim that is not yours. In a thousand year to come, still documents will be investigated; if any tribe taking leadership in country could behave like Dinka, today you could have no where to grumble and no where to claim anything with such fake documents. But since south Sudan is in the darkest period in the history, the evil is exploiting ignorance of the people who are giving hands. Don’t blame anyone for the crisis, blame Dinka who don’t know where they belong, blame government officials who are employed to complicate all the set systems in south Sudan, blame ignorance of the people, and blame yourself for not knowing the truth.
    Darius Tongno

  32. Kirrs’ associations and projects within SPLA/M are the causes of crisis all over south Sudan. Dinka are committed in causing division among any united groups of people in the south Sudan, a policy meant to break and scatter such groups in pieces so that the evil dreams of owning southern Sudan as a sole Dinka land can be establish. Be the CPA, Dinka were used directly to break and scatter people, this had been witnessed in Chukudum, Kapoeta, Koja Keji, and Tombora Yambio in Equatoria states, Bentiu and Malakal in Upper Nile and more other places. Most politicians are taking all these moves as a joke, but in reality, Dinka are vigorously committed directly and indirectly in planning all the confusions we are experiencing in the south today. Despite we have evidences that Dinka are misappropriating our land among themselves with fake documents forged by them, in turns our responses to our own frustrations is been misdirected on the innocent one. These are our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, relatives, neighbours and all who are dear to us. Unless we understand Dinka policy of using us to achieve their objectives, we will end up divided as they continue to take ownership of our belonging. The land that Bari and Mundari are accusing each other for were taken by Dinka without paying single coin to either Bari or Mundari people. Since Dinka are behaving as if they are in the heavenly kingdom, the local people are projecting their discontent against each other. These does not mean people are ignorant and innocent, experience shows that SPLA forces were used in Chukudum, Koja Keji, in Azande land, and Malakal to subdue people over their own properties. It’s obvious that SPLA/M is all set to enrich Dinka and plant them all over south Sudan, since there is not unanimous reaction from the people, we will continue to accuse and fight each other. As Dinka are settling, children may think parent sold their land, parents may think children did it, relatives were pointing at each other for the same reason, and neighbours are doing the same thing. Brothers and sisters, let us not fight each other, we have to unite to questions the origin of the fake documents possessed by any Dinka in our ancestral land. There is no way that our ancestral spirit can be eroded by SPLA/M and placed our set systems under Dinka traditions.
    Betrece Hakim Ao’ol

  33. Blames on Slava Kirr is baseless, it’s a waste of Time, Words, and energy. For those who are hungry about Kirrs’ Doctorate, can you tell exactly where some officials of SPLA/M got their papers for the work they are doing today? It will sound as if you are expressing jealousy over Kirr, but remember these are what SPLA/M is! out of the total percentages, less than quarter officials could have proper documents, otherwise, most of the things in the south today are build on fake documents, these includes land ownership , house ownership, farms ownership, trucks and coaches’ ownership, domestic animals’ ownership, and some enterprises all over the south. In the first place fake documents are acceptable everywhere in the south Sudan. New constructions are collapsing because most constructors have no class room experiences, these include houses and bridges. People with known technical skills are not given the chance to express the skills, while others are diverted to work in wrong fields of no qualification. Kirr doctorate is justification of all criticisms against SPLA/M. People are criticizing are not complaining, but they are telling the truth with evidence. The voices of class rooms qualifiers are not heard, some words associated to Bush War are very common “We fought for the position we are having”. Kirrs’ Doctorate is out because he is the leader, but more SPLA/M officials are keeping their doctorates under their bed in a sophisticated briefcase. If other officials are not been criticized, Kirrs’ doctorate in the same way will fall under the same circumstance.
    Abraham Thon Kai

  34. GOSS SPLA/M caused SPLM-DC
    SPLA-DC would mean inclusiveness, equality, justices, opportunities for all, ideals, comprehensiveness, mutual understanding, integrity, national hope, rehabilitation, breaking the born of division, and giving back the lost glory of the people of southern Sudan. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Many things had been said about Sudan in the watches of the world but Government of Southern Sudan failure to reform is a big blow to SPLA/M and citizens you struggled for. The government had failed to implement its’ roles and responsibilities openly. Since 2005 after the dead of hero late Dr. John Garang little had been done. There is no sign that people learnt from the 21 years war. Instead few individuals have access to the national cakes in the watches of the vast majority. Some people were strip off from their real identity, a perceived policy to strip them down. Prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, harrasshement, intimidation, subjugation, race and ethnicity and all forms of bigotry assemblies in government offices in the name of hates, and no attention to the poor, majority women, children, and handicaps.
    SPLA/M reluctantly failed to get a genuine person who would run for national election. Conflict of self interest turned SPLA/M from struggle against the North to struggle against the South itself, revelation is creating few rich and making majority poor subjects. SPLA/M as political entity greatly failed to acknowledge that there are civilian citizens in the country. All people are expected to identify themselves with SPLA/M; there is a clear cut against those who are willing to remain civilian citizens and engage in building the country in the way they are, a blockade to choice. For I am not surprise, SPLA/M is the cause of SPLM-DC. Some SPLA/M officials are directly involved in corruption, embezzlements of the public fund had being going on in the watches of the leadership reportedly, but no action. Development by building health care, schools and other infrastructures to rehabilitate people from ignorance had been witnessed in people running away with public funds. Home schools and development is neglected to send own sons and daughters to expensive schools, buying moorages, and academic papers abroad to keep lifting self status at the cause of the suffering majority. In a few word, SPLA/M is a failing political entity which need a severe restructuring to emerge stronger once again. Who can understand the politics of displacement in the southern Sudan? People had been misdirected, some officials are running away to avoid blames. Instead of running empty handed, government money is targeted to survive anywhere in the world. Water had been polluted; but strainers it clean once again.
    No one can do things in public and call it secret, the world witness corruption of in London England, East Africa, Australia and other places when some officers were caught red handed with the public money in brief cases. Having knowledge of all these, there is no technical step taken to bring such culprits to justices. Others were believed having disappeared in the highest heaven, today the world is a narrow globe than ever before. Nothing can justify so and so had disappeared with public money and he is no were to be found. Women, children, and disables are becoming more vulnerable SPLAM policy.
    Justin Tobrin Fuli-Canada

  35. SPLA/M did not fight for the people of south at all. It turned Dinka ethnic group into enemy of the south instead. We are subjected to insecurity unlike post SPLA/M Sudan. The corruption in the south is real because we have no vision to lead the south to peace and prosperity. All we are committed to do was occupation of Equatorians land and Jongolie states were we have no rights. The leaders misled the local people, scattered us all over south Sudan hoping to turn the rest of southern Sudanese under Dinka jurisdiction. But all we have obtained are hatreds and corruptions, our people are not wanted anymore in the land we claimed our colony. Mr. Kirr should step down, let us turn to a true democracy before it is late to reconcile.
    Find here below what Mr. Isaiah have to say about our way of corruption.

    Eritrean president accuses Sudan’s SPLM of corruption
    Monday 18 May 2009 06:00. Printer-Friendly version Comments…

    May 17, 2009 (KHARTOUM) – The Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki launched an unprecedented attack on the ex-Southern rebel group Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).

    Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki (Reuters) The pro-government Al-Rayaam newspaper quoted Afewerki in an interview to be published this week as saying that “corruption in South Sudan is no secret”.

    Afewerki also told the newspaper that “security violations” continue in Southern Sudan.

    The Eritrean head of state also said that the SPLM has a “vague” position with regards to unity or secession of South from the North and demanded that the movement “declare a clear view on the future of Sudan”.

    “When you chose unity then there must be a program you are working on and there may be confrontations. The SPLM committed something to the people of the South and another to the people of Sudan but the reality is inconsistent with these commitments” Afewerki said.

    He defended his remarks saying he is “keen on its [SPLM] political route” and denied that this signals any deterioration in relations with SPLM and added that the SPLM lost vision after the death it slater leader John Garang.

    It is not clear what prompted the strong remarks by the Eritrean president against the SPLM. During the 1990’s Eritrea hosted the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) opposed to Khartoum which included the SPLM and even allowed its fighters to launch attacks in Eastern Sudan from there.

    Asumpta Mathew Nyabuk

  36. The foundation of SPLA-DC is not fundamentalism. Problems anywhere results to finding solutions everywhere. SPLA/M had done a lot in enriching some people in southern Sudan, but there is breakdown due to marginalization of the vest majority in the watch of the leadership. Politics is perpetually green vegetations for survival of all the citizens. Lack of political language is making the local people to commit more mistakes than the politicians themselves. The language of “our government” had not been shaped correctly, women at water point and children in the schools are using it negatively just to provoke situation that will require national attention. The process to reduce such acts had been negative and innocent people are forced to suffer instead. SPLA/M is good but is not inclusive, marginalization before CPA is made to continue after the CPA. Lack of seriousness is visible and people are working on pressure. The hope of people had been taken away, Gods’ having SPLA-DC right behind will amount to changes which is life saving to all, than a nation focusing on welfare of individuals by oppressing others. I am willing to return home, but I couldn’t because the Internally Displaced Persons are forced to occupy my land in Jongolie State without alternative choice, and we are locked out even five years after CPA. Giving us back our belonging is crucial issues, and IDPs behaviour based on mishandling our land and resources is a very big miscalculation at the side of SPLA/M. if they cannot be taken to where they belong, we will figure out how they came in because we are sick and tired to live in exile even after CPA.
    Thank to Dr. Lam Akol, and long live SPLA-DC.
    Abraham Thon Kai

  37. In anytime of difficulties, God will not forget his people. The major issue in southern Sudan is lacking of understanding among the ruling party (SPLA/M). I am greatly recommending SPLA-DC without any criticism. People who are criticizing SPLA-DC are expressing regrets about misrule of SPLA/M. Election is coming in2010, although this had been published long time ago, SPLA/M failed to nominate a candidate to face the NCP Omar Al Bashir, and the leadership had failed to offer alternative choice. During the recent questioning in the parliament, SPLA/M pledged about the census result been unfair. Pointing fingers at the north being unjust about the population of southern Sudan, census case is within southern Sudan, not issues of NCP. It was miscalculations of deprivation in the south Sudan that led to poor census result. Some people were counted wrongly in some locations at wrong time. The census was conducted in away that, the southern Sudanese in exile; especially those in the neighboring countries Uganda in particular were intentionally eliminated and some people were counted intentionally in their land to replace them in their ancestral homes and villages.
    In many situations, GoSS is operation in support of direct marginalization, corruptions are not questionable and that is why some officers are running with public funds. Althought the world is narrow these days; such officers are safely hiding in where they know in the watch of SPLA/M. Today GoSS has liaison offices than ever before, if these guys are still a live, the concern people are purpose to follow. Since SPLA/M have no vision for the future of every citizen, SPLA-DC will reinstate the lost glory of southern Sudanese without exclusion.
    Long Live Dr Lam Akol, Long Live SPLA-DC
    Thompson Jadda Loro

  38. I am very disappointed to see such inhumanly false information on Dr. Josephine, nothing happened but her position is targeted by implicating her, a jeopardy planned crime for keeping educated away so that corruptions, public funds embezzlements, marginalization, and hates of all forms may prevail in the south Sudan.
    I think there are serious problems in south Sudan which the intellectuals are failing to understand. Dr. Josephine did nothing wrong, some SPLA/M officials are thirsty for her positions that is why they targeted stripping her off her identity. Scaring intellectuals based on lack of participation during the civil war is not good at all. We know Dr. Josephine; she is transparent women we trust. The political slogan in our south Sudan is dirty, and we will fear going back after graduation because graduates are threatens and forced to work under unskilled SPLA/M soldiers. With all these, we cannot develop southern Sudan to be a nation for a people. Shame on GoSS and shame on all GoSS official for planning organized crimes in the name of hate; tribalism in particular. Scaring Dr. Josephine is scheme of avoiding intellectuals who technically know how to do the right job, classic to world standard. Prior to the allegation, we know that Dr. Josephine was traveling by bus to connect students by her vice who is not having even Sudan school certificate is traveling on plane, transparent injustices based on lack of vision to the south Sudanese.
    Deng Stephen
    Makerere University

  39. CPA was CPA, and the current negotiation is quite different advances. By signing and bring CPA in southern Sudan, SPLA/M declared the fight was not against the Arabs brutal rules in the Sudan. If anything, what does it mean when SPAL/M is failing to implement CPA meanwhile promoting division among the southern Sudanese? Reexamining perspectives of SPLA/M is the key for durable and sustainable peace and prosperity in southern Sudan. Let us live the Arabs and ask ourselves, what is the sign that all the tribes in the south are equally benefiting from the rules of SPLA/M? SPLA/M is prepared to diminish the rest of tribes from getting access to their own rights. Today in Malakal we are locked out of our rights and Dinka are eroding us away from our homes and villages without faults and without choice. Problems with Arabs are real and that is why Anya Nya I revolts happened. Lack of success in the revolts was not the cause of Arabs, but it was the failure of southern Sudanese to act as united people. No one abuses any tribes during Anya Nya 1; there were no factions due to a clear vision of the leadership to save the people from the evil. Today the situation is quite different and tribalism become identity for a tribe and there is no law to protect the innocent tribes as we watch lack of rules of law in the hands of the majority tribe. The reason for surrendering situations in Abyei is simple. It is a way of engaging the Arabs and wining their supports to continue in situation of Southern Sudanese Oppressing their fellow Southern Sudanese. The first experience in History of southern Sudan, We have to watch out!
    Bazilious Guok Wal

  40. In this summition and the upcoming projects I will be posting today and in the future, particularly on my jobs of home making, the housing benefits and welfare benefits that are enclosing for all Sudanese and other African Countries are the following, we first needs our environment to landscape properly, the outrooting of trees which may be obstracting development/houses, then we need to ensure that we put better concrete housing in all our areas per city or regions of occupations, in this regard the steps we are taking are the basic steps that will unite us with the Canadian or American contructors and other developed African city contructors to ensure that these work we are putting have clearly meet the standard of our people worldwide and Our Sudanese life and styles as widely as we can put housing/appartment benefits with its features ranging with 1/2/3/5/6 bedrooms/living rooms/laundry rooms (dryers, washers, dry cleaning for washing clothes and drying clothes)/library/guest 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    1. In this summition I would again include accessories such as the importments of life styles needs luxuaries households items to tops the mentions areas aboved, with our corporation with Sudan government and other government we can do more adjustment to share freely with western countries like, Canada/Uk/USA/China/Japan/Ireland/Australia etc so get this basic household items such as Flat screen Television sets 27/32/52/65 Inches including stands/VCR/DVD/or Ipod TV DISh network which come with VHS,DVD,Cassette,internet,Cable,phone Juck,USB and soon/Sofar sets/carpet/dinning sets/computers and electronic accessories, clearly to said each citizens/residents/refugees of that countries or other countries and residing in or out side the country he/she families are born are all entitled to shareholders interest of welfare benefit we I have already put above and we must ensure that our citizens/refugees/residents are treated equally and in excellent manners by solving so quickly the problems of housing and welfares so that we can settled the movement of our people worldwide and we can also allocate movement in terms of visitations and boarder crossing with Passports and valid ID so that we can eliminate aways corruptions, and mostly can be done by putting proper land development allover our countries and city to cities so that the clearance can be made easily as our people do cross and our police department pertroying the our countries in their vehicles and easy by the track of computers and allocations of criminal and safety areas to safe guard the life of our communities worldwide as our mandatories,

  41. It was on September 1, 2009 during night hour when Nimule town was set ablaze. The fire was wild and most business men and women lost their products as shops were burnt down. It was a group of Dinka who were allegedly behind the plan and most Dinka in Nimule were armed some days before the incident. The UNHCR and the government of southern Sudan were making plan to repatriate internally displaced persons, to Dinka in Nimule, Nimule town is the work of their hands and they promised to the Madi people to destroy the town before living Madi land. The commission of Magwi County could not take immediate step due to insecurity surrounding him. When he met Government of Jongolie early this year, Dinka in Nimule keeps reminding the local people about their going to upper Nile and disaster they will live to the Madi people. The threats of IDPs remind violent to the local natives and the wild fire is a single that what IDPs were doing in principle is now violently in practices. The threats in Madi land remind questionable, and government of southern Sudan remind reluctant to deploy SPLA, police, prison, and Game range officers who are from Madi in the surrounding area. As I toured other parts of southern Sudan, some tribes are privileged to have officers from their tribes; and threats in those areas are not rampart compare to situations in Nimule. As people talk about tribalism, it is nonsense to settle all IDPs of 21 years Civil war in Nimule. Government of southern Sudan remind responsible for keeping these multitude of IDPs Nimule. As UNHCR is lobbying for emergence needs, the Madi people all over the world are called to make calls to find out what happen to relatives, friends, and to the who Madi population in Nimule. Meanwhile, the agenda of GoSS in Nimule remind in question.

  42. The fighting which erupted between Dinka Bor and Mundari is civil right fight and SPLA forces were used to hunt down Mundari on their rights in their soil. The war of SPLA/M is slowly revealing its intents to replace the rest of southern Sudanese in their homes and villages. Using SPLA against Mundari people is a sign of insecurity in the entire south Sudan. The beginning of SPLA/M remained unclear and Dinka from Bor in particular are openly preaching replacement of people from homes and villages. We all know that SPLA/M leadership is centered at most in the hands of Dinka, but if SPLA soldiers are being used for purposes witnessed in Mangala today, we are all victims of SPLA/M. Dinka from Bor and other parts of Upper Nile Region had used force through out the 21 years of struggle, takings resources from people and kicking them out from the residences. The people who are predominately farmers are today force to sit or stand still as cattle parades every day in the farming areas. Nobody seems to be responsible in the parliaments and issues connected to land grapping, grazing in the farms, force marriages, rape, defilement were not allow in the parliament. The parliament itself is been controlled entirely by Dinka and the minority groups are targeted for their words, the first reason for silent disappearance in southern Sudan today. The game of SPLA/M is not only on the Mundari, but every tribe is involved. As we keep watching, we will keep losing our belongings to until we stand up together to bring the situation to end. Kemisha Sunday sunday.kemisha@yahoo.com Juba-Sudan

  43. On my own behave; I am appealing to Mundari and all the Equatorian brothers and sister that we have to learn to compromise in some situations. Our complaints are not solutions to the exiting problems. I am very sorry that we have been greatly deceived by the top SPLA/M officials about land in southern Sudan, Equatoria regions in particular. Yes, we were intoxicated during the war and some people are still keeping the promises made by the SPLA/M leadership when we were in the bush. As we are struggling in Upper Nile region, it’s our traditions of raiding expedition. Equatoria is not Upper Nile, but why Dinka as a whole are targeting to annex the region? The root of SPLA/M is not clear and our people (Dinka) are taught differently as we struggle together with brothers and sisters in Equatoria. Why the current leadership of SPLA/M is silent about silent and open killing in the southern Sudan? Telling the truth, fast, SPLA/M was built upon hatreds on Equatorian people, targeting the Sudan government is secondary. This is a reality existing among our community members as different families are struggling to get connected to the Equatrian people either by marriage or by force, a nightmare of deceive taught by responsible people during the war. Why Dinka IDPs are reluctant to go home after the CPA? Minds were corrupted by wrong teaching and we were expected to integrate as fast as possible, a policy for immanent smoke. Our today’s controversy cannot be resolve easily unless SPLA/M leaders avoid marginalization of groups of people within southern Sudan, our future will continue in the name of hates and it will not last. The Bor community meetings which was interrupted by the recent cattle raids in late September, 2009 was meant to address some key issues (1) Dinka IDPs in Equatoria, (2) The bush war promises (3) Handling the traditional cattle raiding (4) Future of Bor in Southern Sudan (5) A.O.B Dinka IDPs in Equatoria for many reasons are not willing to come and begin rehabilitation at home. Instead they are still preaching the bush war promise (a) “the land of Equatoria belonged to Dinka Bor cattle” (b) “Land once captured is not returnable” (c) “some southern Sudanese are not native of Sudan” all these and some nasty promises turned southern Sudan to be no man land in the face of Dinka, Equatoria is the major target. These are results of evil instigations during the war. Let us think without taking chances, Equatoria is not a Dinka land! The responsible people in the parliament must call for repartition of Dinka IDPs especially those in Equatoria. The recent war in Terekeka is solely blame on Dinka Bor, before the attacks on the Mundari people, some cattle keepers reportedly talked with some authority in Bor about what to do to avoid Mundari from reclaiming their land? If some elders have the power, the attacks on Mundari by Dinka Bor cattle Keepers could have not occurred. As I share my disappointment, the government of southern Sudan must not use SPLA forces in cattle raiding expedition. During the recent clash with the Nuer cattle keepers, five SPLA men were killed and dozen wounded in the support of Dinka Bor. I may sound ought, but here is the reality, the war of SPLA/M is not a war of colonization. The teaching of Dr. John Garang to win our support as his tribe mates is thoughts of hates. If we do not eliminate Dinkaism in the south, we are all victims of our own actions. The result will be worst not for today, not for tomorrow, but in days, months, and years to come. Dinka Bor is behind the assault on the Lou Nuer and Mundari farmers in their villages. The president of GoSS must avoid supporting Dinka base on tribe, but he must balance equation as a leader of the people of south Sudan. Failing shorts in support of Dinka Bor is a great weakness, as Dinka, we must watch out, there are mistakes. Remon Ajack Luth Khartoum-Sudan. rajakluth@yahoo.com

  44. SPLA/M is perpetrator of hatreds not only on the Equatorian people, but also hatreds on the rest of southern Sudanese as a whole. As we learned some lesions from the Post SPLA/M war, the hatreds on Equatorians and the rest of southern Sudanese by some top SPLA/M officials is living and it’s real. The people in Equatoria region embraced SPLA/M more than any group of people in Sudan. The war went on in the region until the 2005 CPA. The casualties of Equatrian remained the highest in terms of human power and resources. Instead of fighting the Sudan government, SPLA fighters were one time directed on the Didinga in Chudukum, Taposas in Kapoeta, Kuku in KojaKeji, Azande in Tombora Yambio, Shiluke in Malakal, Lou Nuer in Bentiue, and now Mundari in Terekeka. Meanwhile, the Bari and Madi people who have not post treat to the movement in terms of assaults on Dinka from the beginning suffered ultimate lost of their land and resources to Dinka. The war on Mundari remained a question to every citizen as we wait for election and referendum. Although it’s a right of citizen to live any where in the country, the situation in Juba, Nimule, Mugalie and all the troubling areas in the south is a threat to peace and prosperity to all citizens. In Madi land, portion of plots had been allocated to Dinka in the town long before the CPA. After the compressive peace agreement, the Madi people were taken by surprise that Dinka had already taken over the town and are not willing to go back. Hence, the returnees were forced to settle in reserves originally meant for cultivation. As I continue to compile my finding about effect of 21 civil war in the country, although Madi people remained peaceful to Dinka in their land, the oppression is worst than any where else in the country. The Bari people are having peace in minds like the Madi people if those Dinka can avoid abuses, intimidations, oppressive thought valid in harassment and scary way of life. We are not new to SPLA/M; we know that Dinka were having bad feelings to the rest of the people in the country. The point is that, Sudan is not anarchy, we are a republic. Talking about “Marginalization” quote from Mr. Ramones’ articles in http://www.southsudannation.com , and http://www.sudantribune.com, politically, SPLA/M by building hatreds on Equatorians and the rest of the people, Dinka elders are building hatreds on themselves and their sons and daughters. 21 years of war is not simple, if the rest of the tribes can think like those Dinka during the bush war, SPLA/M could have ended long before the CPA. Our unity in the south cannot come by settling Dinka anywhere in the Equatoria regions and the rest of southern Sudan. Equatorians are very patriotic, welcoming, and progressive. Those Dinka settled in those regions in the name of hatreds, they will continue to be counted as visitors. What had been taken from the people by night will be reinstated by day, by God. The parliament of southern Sudan is passive about activities of Dinka in the country because that was intended hatreds. As Dinka are the majority in the parliament, the humiliation of the rest of the people by Dinka remaind a “None topic of discussion”. You can imagine the recent killing in Tererekeka, no one commence anything. The responsible people are instead calling for SPLA forces to crush the local people. If SPLA is all about protecting Dinka exclusively, what about the rest of the citizens? If the world is in open segregation as Dinka are doing in Sudan today, our future is doom. Our leaders had taken wrong direction, no development within the country, instead southern Sudanese are engaged in developing the neighboring countries and beyond. The funds for the southern Sudanese is been used for wrong purposes, no encouragement and preference to the home education, instead the officials are sending their kids out side, living kinds of the poor to suffer in the poor education setup, not for development, but for creating hatreds among the people. Few students that got chance among the Dinka majority are not treated in the same way, especially in the neighboring countries. If the leadership of SPLA/M does not revive his strategies, his government will never survive the coming “Election” and “Referendum”. In Bentiue, we will continue to condemn using the SPLA forces in tribal conflict. The recent tribal war proved that Dinka are using SPLA selfishly to perpetuate what they were taught during the bush war. But in short, your dreams will never succeed, tomorrow if the whether changes, the evil bush war promises will come to an end and as s people, we will reach to the destination we deserve. William Machar Tutt wmachar@yahoo.com Bentuie_Sudan

    Return to the form.

  45. Dinka on Equatorians, This serves to clear some doubts about Dinka interest in Equatorians. During the war, a lot of things had happened, now we are getting set for the election. But Dinka population in Equatoria remains an obstacle to south Sudan unity and War episode of settling Dinka in Equatria region remains a challenge to vast majority. The parliament of southern Sudan sees no threats on illegal land ownership by Dinka tribe. As we keep reminding our selves on this slogan, southern Sudanese will continue to remain divided until those Dinka that own land illegally in different parts of southern Sudan are repatriated to be were they belonged. The challenges and threats in the south today is a planned version of SPLA/M. If the parliament remained dormant about Dinka settlement in Equatoria and in other parts of southern Sudan, the tribal sentiment will soon fuel insurgent which SPLA/M soldiers will greatly failed to handle. Its ridicules to see your ancestral land taken completely for nonsense of “living anywhere in the country”. I have just finished touring the south, as I returned to my resident, situations in Juba, Yei, Tobora Yambio, Nimule, Mugali, Kapoeta, and Malakal is getting out of hands. Government of southern Sudan remains responsible for all the atrocity done by some Dinka in these areas. The GoSS is directly arming Dinka population all over the country and disarming the rest of the tribes, taking away land and all other search resources from the innocent civilian populations. Wealthy people are targeted and others got killed just for taking away the wreaths. What is SPLA/M that claimed to struggle for southern Sudanese rights doing to own people? Tomorrow will not be the same again if GoSS is doing all these just to satisfy Dinka tribal interests.
    Camillo Akille Malong




    Eng. Charles Kisanga was historically known as an open-minded, die-harder SPLM’s critic. Upon finding the political wing of SPLM-DC party after its formation, Eng. Kisanga was seen as the front runner of the SPLM-DC party which he, on the weekly basis criticized the Southern ruling Party at all cost as a weak, corrupted, nepotistic, tribalistic and old-fashioned regime that steal money at the expense of the suffering Southerners. Kisanga in his earliest time was a remarkable politician who calls a knife a knife but not big metallic implement. He did not dare hiding anything that he knows has a negative impact on the suffering people of Southern Sudan under SPLM leadership. Although I occasionally use to reads his many criticisms he had toward the SPLM, I have never witness same criticisms he offers to challenge the ruthless policies of the Khartoum government toward the lovely people of the South. If there were, then I have to prove myself for the record. Eng. Kisanga was not only known for what he thinks or write on those numerous websites, but his ambition was receive by many as a motivated growing political encouragement that we should be holding our leaders responsible for their people while they are serving them. Mr.Eng. Kisanga is a sound-minded junior politician whom I believe will do great things once he finds himself a good wagon.

    During those previous years he reside in Diaspora, no one could really misses to see the Political ambition of Eng. Kisanga shooting dozen long range missiles and criticism against the leadership of the SPLM from his place of residency in Europe. Until he was call to join the Defacto Party lead by the former Sudanese Foreign Minister, Dr. Lam Akol was when people especially those influenced by his legitimate writing realize of his political down fall. Many Southerners knows that Lam Akol was and still is a hungry Hyena who would dare eat anything to satisfy his own political agenda. For him to join the greedy-tinted party of Akol was huge mistake that will go down in his political career diary.

    Could have he join other different party other than the SPLM-DC, or could have he form a new party with it head quarter in Southern Sudan, Kisanga political legacy could have lasted for a period of time.

    But with his premature rush to join the historically materialistic mediocre Dr. Akol was a big mistake he will leave to regret. Personally, I believe it took hundreds of Dollars for the Lam recruiting team to convince Eng. Kisanga from his place of residency in UK to join the NCP funded party. If it wasn’t for some huge benefit he might receive or position he was promised to hold, I don’t think Kisanga would have had guts to join that by then newly formed Party given his Political know-how.
    Time will only tell when he, the Kisanga realize his mistake in dealing with SPLM-DC leadership given its party leader, Dr. Lam Political defection dating back in early 1990s.

    Not only does Eng. Kisanga lose his Political trust from his own state of Western Equatoria, but also within the states of Greater Equatoria. But as my people always put, “when the world hate you, your own people will back-you-up”. It’s not too late for Kisanga to find his aspiring party and start building his new live, new vision and new motto. We have many people who are not happy with the way the Southern ruling party is conducting is activities given the current rise of corruption in the government of South Sudan. There need to be a well functioned opposition party in the Southern to enable “check and Balance” in governing of the country. For this reason, Kisanga would have been the straight forward person who can give the SPLM some remarkable “Compee” on major decision that govern our country. But because he choose not to be the head other than the middle-broker is when he choose to go back to the old party which I believe will not take too long for him to get along with.

    The second very big mistake that Eng. Kisanga did was his joining of the SPLM party. That’s a party that need aspiring opposition challengers like him to help shape the leadership of SPLM in her policies. I have already known that SPLM-DC is not gonna last for the next few years if southern choose to separate from the North. Very young and inspirational politician like Kisanga should not only set to wait others form parties while they wait to be call in. Go to Juba, Torit, Rumbek, Yambio or any other big state headquarter within the States of the Southern Sudan and lay down your political ambition and the goals you are looking to achieve. Then you will see how people lift you high with motivational ululation.

    As the egg is already broken, Kisanga has already risk his political trust from many people when he did not keep what he has been preaching, “transparency, accountability” and so forth.

    According to his own confession and the facts leading to his departure from SPLM-DC, I guess the mere reason he leaf Dr. Akol party was not because of corruption, nepotism but rather his demotion from Secretary General to the deputy chairman. He sees this step as an obstacle to prevent him from speak out. But the question is, “where the hell will he find that trust worthy party when he keeps revolving within the same party known with corruption?” Time alone will tell us the comfort he will be getting in the undeveloped city of Juba.

  47. issues of National Anthem must be national concern but not Dinka political ideology f exclusively. We must not insist on creating tribal interest over the interest of the rest of the southern Sudanese as a people. How comes Dinka are trying to drawing the whole of southern Sudan one sided? If we really want a country in southern Sudan, we must watch out and begin to eliminate Dinka tribal interest at the expense of others. Let us not be blind to see what some Dinka are doing to avoid conflicting loyalty among us tomorrow. Its only today we are silent, but tomorrow if the sun rises, things will be different. The current proposed national anthem is strictly based on Dinka traditional authority. What about the rest of the people who are not Dinka by tribe? Common ladies and gentlemen, the words involved in the proposed national anthem is a side that Dinka are assuming responsibilities of the Arabs over the rest of southern Sudanese. Some Dinka are behaving exactly like the Arabs, meanwhile some are proving to be worst than the Arabs themselves. If the words in the proposed national anthem continue to bear Dinka interest over the interest of the rest of the southern Sudanese, we will all be victims of the political messes brought by some Dinka over southern Sudan. As I write, I will not tolerate the current system of government of southern Sudan. If some Dinka thinks they are the only people in southern Sudan, I am also here. I have seen a great difference between Dinka tribe and the rest of the tribes in southern Sudan. For example, the government of southern Sudan had created secret budget for Dinka within and without the country. I know student are not treated the same, those from Dinka tribes are having extract pocket money the rest of the people, but why? To the moderate sosanews, what is happening practically in the south is been under reported, but we are lossing big today to be in war of recovery tomorrow.
    Pitya Gore Samule
    Uganda-East Africa

  48. To the biased northern Sudanese advocates of Sudan’s unity

    When late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, all members of SPLA and SPLM cried out loud for a United Sudan on new basis, those who enjoy the comfortable chair of power in Khartoum forcefully wage Jihad war on the southern Sudanese. These are people southern Sudanese refer to as Jalaba or self-arabized Sudanese who trained themselves to reject any genuine southern Sudanese call for change in the socioeconomic and old Sudan political setup. These Khartoum’s palace Jalaba, their polished newsmakers, academics and intelligent agents who many of them write under anonymous titles in the Arabic papers and online discussion groups are still practicing the act of beautifying the ugly face of an Islamic-driven Sudan, which also tinted the country’s political, social and economic realities, leave alone historical baggage.
    SPLA/M is sincere and genuine in their call for a “united Sudan” but on “new bases”. A Sudan where Deng regardless of his skin color, religion, ethnic or region can be a Sudanese citizen with all the entitlements. In that new Sudan, Deng will have a right to be the President of Sudan and not only to be the First or Second Vice President. Many northern Sudanese and particularly the newsmakers and academics when they analyze Sudan’s “unity”, they only focus on the possible hurdles South Sudan might face, they see us in the South as bunch of ignorance who do not know how to run a state, a bunch of slave who will never survive without the cruelty of Sudanese army; they treat us as naked African who always fell prey in front of the cunning faces of Khartoum’s rulers and dreadful swords of Sharia laws. Again, they see us in the South as people without imaginations, people who have been coached by “the international church and Zion power”.
    Sadly enough and on the expenses of united Sudan, these polished Jalaba do not want to express their innate interest in keeping South under brutality of Khartoum. The northern academics and newsmakers want southerners to be not only second class citizens and obedient slaves; they actually wanted the Southern land and its resources. Jamal Abdialnassir, the late president of Egypt said clearly in the 1960s that “they need the land of South”. The truth is, land worth more than southern Sudanese people. Let’s call the united Sudan northern academics and newsmakers are calling for is the unity of land and not of the people.
    It is obvious that the Jalaba who are tirelessly writing these days in attempt to expose the weakness of GOSS and cunningly threatening southern Sudanese that referendum is “a red line”, they do not question themselves why South Sudan want to leave the abusive relationship with the north. The northern academics and their newsmakers are not ashamed to wage massive psychological war on us southern Sudanese. They want us to abandon our right to vote in the upcoming referendum and then be their forth class-and slaves citizens forever.
    Northern Sudanese academics, newsmakers and politician are hypocrites because as they are waging their psychological war on GOSS and people of South, they behind door, talk and dine with people of Zion they hate publically. Although they publically attest to promote and protect human rights, they never hesitate one second to question themselves about their 1990s jihad war in South and number of mass killing in Juba, Wau, Malakal and other places. These same Jalaba without a shame will stand in middle of their mosque and say, Southern will kill themselves if South becomes a state and meanwhile they already send arms and money to their militia forces in the South. These same Jalaba are ready and willing to hunt and sell a southern Sudanese as slave (among themselves) in Babanossa and el Dein and other cities of the north. In the eyes of Jalaba academics, newsmakers and politicians, southern Sudanese are not equal citizen of Sudan but slaves. How could a nation, which divides itself up into “awlad al balad” sons of the country and “abeed” slave be a fair and just nation. This make one wonder about northern Sudanese academics, newsmakers and politician who are fully aware of such prejudice and discriminative attitudes their Jalaba relatives have toward us in the South and yet they call for unity of Sudan on the old bases and they do not want to say a word about in human crimes against Southerners.
    Where is a ground for a united Sudan and what did north do to support a positive image of a united Sudan? South Sudan has been in war for the pass 39 years leave alone years prior to British “closed district act” policies, out of these years of war we southerners have learned one important thing which is we will never forget what we went through.

    By: Gat-Diaspora

  49. The land: The Madi people in Loa had blocked the road from Nimule to the rest of Sudan, demanding answers why GoSS and Acholi people are misappropriating their land. Why SPLA/M extended Acholi Payam to cover Madiland? Is there any meaning that the land of Owiny Ki Bul, Opari, Kit, and Moli can go to the Acholi people? Is this what the SPLA/M was set to do? Is it a mistake that Madi people hosted IDPs and offered their resources to make SPLA/M what it is today? And a lot of anger building irritations from the Acholi tribe and Dinka in Madi land whom I can practically see having similar propose, focusing on Madiland.
    I would like to bring to your information land issues in Madiland which started with SPLA/M captured of Nimule in 1989. Long before the CPA, I was with SPLA/M in Nimule and personally I witnessed how land of Nimule and Mugali was misappropriated by Dinka tribe among themselves when the native people were in exile. Today as I am writing, what is happening now is a revelation even if SPLA/M top officials keeps denying that Dinka are not land graspers. SPLA/M had given Payam to Acholi people to now force Madi people to be under their administration. Live alone the county they share. Its was in 2008 when Acholi people wanted to annexed Opari directly to be part of Acholi chieftaincy. Most people opposed it strongly because its neither historical nor natural. The Madi people were known to have border with Acholi in far eastern Owiny ki bul, but Dinka meetings with Acholi turned this historical facts up and down. To gain supports from the Acholi people to remain in Nimule and Mugali, on a condition, Dinka settlers in Lobone was quickly dissolved by GoSS. Since then, Acholi had requested the SPLA/M to give them right to annexed Owiny Ki Bull, Opari, Kit, and Moli to be parts of Acholi chieftaincy. The SPLA/M responded by opening a new Payam for Acholi people which administratively annexed all the Madi land except Pageri and Loa. Althought Nimule and Mugali is a Madiland, with SPLA/M AND Dinka settlers, Madi people are reduced to no voices in that ancestral land. In 2009, Dinka settlers in Mugali and Nimule were confirmed for having forged documents over the land in Nimule and Muglai. According to Mathew Okot, an Acholi who opposed the deals between his tribe the Acholi and Dinka over Madi land, Dinka elders are wrongly engineering his tribe mates to save their interest. Evacuating Dinka settlers in Lobone is not enough to Acholi people to think Dinka will in turn support to take parts of Madiland to be their own. According to response from some Dinka elders in Nimule, some SPLA/M officials, among them is J.J. Odong had already signed some documents denouncing Madi rights over their land. As some Dinka are speaking out today, living them in Nimule and Mugali up to now is based on some understanding. The Acholi people were not ready to support Dinka interests over Madi land until Dinka from Lobone were taken away, this happened shortly what we are all aware of. But those remaining in Nimule and Mugali are for political purposes. Although I am from Wau, having lived in Nimule for years gave me enough insight to see what is politically not acceptable. As of today, no business on the road, and if the Acholi who were backed by some Dinka continue to irritate the Madi people, very soon we will witness what we don’t want to hear. In the first people, SPLA/M had approved for Acholi people their local forces which the Madi were not allow. In fact its rear to find a person moving with guns in Madi land, but Acholi was having guns all over. Its this Acholi local forces supported by fire arms from the SPLA/M from Dinka tribe. I hate such plot against a tribe as we fight with common enemies. The Dinka in Nimule, Mugali and other parts of the country must backup and firearms in their passion must not deceive the Acholi people. If GoSS is a life, it must begin taking those Dinka in Nimule back to their home land before the referendum. Or with their support, Acholi tribe will soon cause a lot to the whole southern Sudan. As I write, SPLA/M soldiers had been mobilized from Nimule and governor of Eastern Equatoria is expected to arrive in Loa sooner. But the Acholi people are well armed that they are ready to defend what was given to them by the SPLA/M, AND THAT IS THE LAND OF Owiny Ki Bul, Opari, and Moli which is naturally Madiland. If such its are happening, politically there will be problem unless the government stands up for the people.
    Samule Abbas
    Juba-Southern Sudan
    To Editor, this is a new episode: if you have any one in Juba, Torit, Magwi, Loa, or Nimule conduct them for further details. The situation is really tense, althought I am not from Madi tribe, I am not happy with the Acholi and Dinka aganist this one tribe.
    Samule Abbas

  50. Mule Stephen
    Attention Peace Loving people in southern Sudan: I find land issues and some writing from Australia by M.O. who presented himself as an Acholi is greatly confusing and disturbing. Crossing the Nile for tribal issues is dangerous and it must stop. Its and an abuse for M.O. to mention Kuku tribe in the crisis they created by illegal decree issued by J.J. Okot who is an Acholi himself. Historically, we know exactly who own the disputed land. Been the president, commissioner, governor, nor brigadier can complicate historical fact of tribal boundary. Relationship between Madi and Kuku is peaceful; involving us in this unusual decree would amount to opening another chapter for which the Acholi tribe will be held responsible. The protest staged by Madipeople happened in the pace of confusion brought by J.J. Okot who is concern for extending Acholi territory by grapping not only parts of Madi land, but Bari, and Lotuka are not exception. I would like to tell the Acholi people that we Kuku tribe are against article posted by M.O. from Australia who is an Acholi himself. If there are more Acholi people like him, you must stop such advances or face the consequences. What J.J. Okot did is theft by trick for which he must be held responsible. Complicating Kuku is another theft too. The fact the Madipeople are prepared to die bear handedly expressed wills of all southern Sudanese. Every tribe experiencing the some thing will rise up because is offend for a single tribe in the country to dream about extending their boundary this time. I see no reason for Madipeople to negotiate for what is authentic. The only negotiation could be bringing J. J. Okot to justice if SPLA/M is for all southern Sudanese. It will be good for governor of Eastern Equatoria to ban decree issued by J.J. Okot once and for all. Those like M.O. who are crossing the border to Western Equatoria must be won for trespassing. Avoid fueling tribal conflict by grapping land forcefully; today we are still battling the Arabs for land grapping. If we want to exercise the same thing, we better stop now or face the consequences. I am wrting in support of no one, only those who are engaged in plotting land grapping in Madiland must stop.

  51. The floating issues surrounding Madiland: I have finished compiling information about blockade imposed by some people from among the Madi tribe in Loa Township when their land was illegally annexed to Panikwara Chieftaincy by Acholi tribe. I visited the Acholi and Madi elders in Magwi County. According to the over all discovery, there are numerous letters from Acholi community elders to all the government organs expressing their support to the SPLA/M and denouncing contribution of Madi people during the civil war. They further over looked Madi population and aimed at reducing the Madi to limited piece of land in the country. I also learnt that historically, these two tribes are good people, and the Madi owned the disputed land long TIME ago without extremism from the Acholi tribe. In a nut cell, some promises made during the civil war have a lot to do with the existing crisis among the Madi and Acholi people. According to Samuel Abbas who posted his article over Madi and Acholi land some weeks ago, Dinka elders in Nimule were found planning together with the Acholi tribe to mismanage what naturally belonged to Madi tribe. I also found that the Madi tribe contributed a lot to the existence of Magwi County as we know it today. The first commissioner of the county happened to be from Madi tribe, but when J.J. Okot was assigned the position of a care taker in the office of governor of eastern Equatoria State, he shucked the commissioner and replaced him with a man from Acholi tribe. Although most county came in to existence during the day, J.J. Okot procedure had been examined critically, and the county he announced happened to be out side SPLA/M political contribution. This opened the door for him to signed documents which gave priority for Acholi to annex Madi land of Opari, Owyi Ki bul, Amee, Kit, and Ayiba. At the moment the governor of Eastern Equatoria State had appointed communitee from both tribes to resolve the crisis. However, the image of the whole is political propaganda. Each tribe is standing strong, and to my own understanding, finding solution to this crisis must be without reference to the support the Acholi tribe had given to the SPLA/M. At the moment the county he dreamed, is not a county as investigation continue over the validity of his action. SPLA/M acknowledged that no tribe must mistreat each other because of population, or contribution in the movement, hence the order to stop advancement with the county was official.

    Tadeo Gasi

  52. Juba_Sudan Facts finding over the disputed Madiland.
    The recent land crisis in Madiland had prompted governor of Eastern Equatoria to form investigation communities to prove who the rightful owners were. The presence of Madi over the disputed land was found to be pre-colonial and pre- Lou immigration in Africa. These facts were documented and Madi people are still critical about how the Acholi community come up with all the confusion and what could possibly be their plan over such issues. However, Acholi tribe turned to revealing the condition for which they (Acholi) allied with the SPLA/M for the war against the Sudan government. At the moment, some individuals from Acholi resorted to physical assault against the Madi people, two Madi elders who were involved in the fact finding were b, seriously beaten, injured and were hospitalize in Nimule Town. One Madi elder went missing, and the rest were ordered by Acholi tribe to move. Practical, it seems there is no government in the south and Acholi tribes appeared to be government themselves. Unfortunately, the map presented by Acholi community did not only annex Madi land, but piece of my ancestral land (Barijokwe) was annexed too. Since the government of southern Sudan is playing cold over the atrocities of land grapping, the Acholi community must know that we Bari people have no border with Acholi. If it is the government encouraging you to do what you are doing, tomorrow will be different. More to that, after eliminating the commisionor of Maqwi County who is from Madi and replacing him by an Acholi, the authority of Maqwi County must withdrawn from the plan of giving right for Dinka IDPs to stay in Nimule. This is an evil plan, and once it happen, we will see what we actually don’t what to see. The plan of officials in Maqwi County against Madi people is evil. If does Dinka are refusing to go to where they comes from, Maqwi County officials must not be their allies, it will amount to a serious trouble in the area and finally they Dinka will be force to go.
    William Tongue

  53. Inevitable obstacles for registration in the 8 foreign countries recognized by both Southern Sudan, the government of National Unity in the North and the international communities.
    Some southern Sudanese in the 8 foreign countries had done what responsible people don’t do to their people and the country the love. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) Officials have got nothing but to rely on what they practical don’t understand. What they know is southern Sudan is going for referendum on January 9, 2011; hence, there is need for registrations for the referendum. But some southern Sudanese had turned the whole process to exercise egoistic intentions against their fellows from Southern Sudan. When Offices of immigration begins to seek southern Sudanese to facilitate the process of the referendum. The community leaders from the respective countries happened to be the first to get the information about the referendum. Since there was a need to employ some southern Sudanese to facilitate the process, then egocentrism, tribalism and technical know WHO had broken out within the various communities, people started to hide information about what IOM required until after on phone interview for Job, than they begun to inform the community members. Since there is no secret under the sun, revelation of what had is a great disappointment to some reliable voters. Below are the great challenges imposed by people who are suppose to promote the referendum to success.
    The southern Sudanese facilitating the registration in the 8 foreign countries includes the following individuals what out paying attention to others.
    1. Husband with his wife as trainer assistants or officers
    2. Father and his sons and daughters as trainer assistant or officers
    3. Single mother with her sons and daughters as trainer assistant or officers
    4. A family as a whole for trainer assistants or officers
    5. A single tribes mates as trainer assistants or officers
    6. No academic credibility for trainer assistant or officers ( some have no class room experience at all)
    7. Submission of telephone Numbers was the requirements for interview for trainer assistants or officers
    8. Interview was conducted on phone for trainer assistants or officers with resume or curriculum vitae
    9. Practically, some people working as trainer assistant or officers have no experience in fields of Human Services
    10. Some reliable and responsible people which went for registration were disappointed by what is happening in the referendum centers in the 8 countries
    11. Some trainers assistants or officers are asking irrelevant questions, and intents of showing off is discouraging many reliable voters a cross the 8 foreign counties. Hence, forcing people to make U turn for what they have decided to do for their country Southern Sudan
    12. Practically, individuals families which dominated the offices for registrations made very big mistake
    These are some facks that some southern Sudanese are not working for the success of the referendum, but their self interest in the pace of serious national issues. Through consultations in the 8 foreign nations, southern Sudanese needs seriousness to make referendum a success.
    Wilsons Taban Gasi

  54. Inevitable obstacles for registration in the 8 foreign countries recognized by both Southern Sudan, the government of National Unity in the North and the international communities.
    Some southern Sudanese in the 8 foreign countries had done what responsible people don’t do to their people and the country the love. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) Officials have got nothing but to rely on what they practical don’t understand. What they know is southern Sudan is going for referendum on January 9, 2011; hence, there is need for registrations for the referendum. But some southern Sudanese had turned the whole process to exercise egoistic intentions against their fellows from Southern Sudan. When Offices of immigration begins to seek southern Sudanese to facilitate the process of the referendum. The community leaders from the respective countries happened to be the first to get the information about the referendum. Since there was a need to employ some southern Sudanese to facilitate the process, then egocentrism, tribalism and technical know WHO had broken out within the various communities. People started to hide information about what IOM required until after on phone interview for Job, than they begun to inform the community members. Since there is no secret under the sun, revelation of what had happened is a great disappointment to some reliable voters. Below are the great challenges imposed by people who are suppose to promote the referendum to success.
    The southern Sudanese facilitating the registration in the 8 foreign countries includes the following individuals without paying attention to others.
    1. Husbands with their wife as trainer assistants or officers
    2. Father and his sons and daughters as trainer assistant or officers
    3. Single mother with her sons and daughters as trainer assistant or officers
    4. A family as a whole for trainer assistants or officers
    5. A single tribes mates as trainer assistants or officers
    6. No academic credibility for trainer assistant or officers ( some have no class room experience at all)
    7. Submission of telephone Numbers was the requirements for interview for trainer assistants or officers
    8. Interview was conducted on phone for trainer assistants or officers without resume or curriculum vitae
    9. Practically, some people working as trainer assistant or officers have no experience in fields of Human Services
    10. Some reliable and responsible people which went for registration were disappointed by what is happening in the referendum centers in the 8 countries
    11. Some trainers assistants or officers are asking irrelevant questions, and intents of showing off is discouraging many reliable voters a cross the 8 foreign counties. Hence, forcing people to make U turn for what they have decided to do for their country Southern Sudan
    12. Practically, individuals families which dominated the offices for registrations made very big mistake
    These are some facts that some southern Sudanese are not working for the success of the referendum, but their self interest in the pace of serious national issues. Through consultations in the 8 foreign nations, southern Sudanese needs seriousness to make referendum a success.
    Wilsons Taban Gasi

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