2.25PM -FAREWELL : The national anthem closes the ceremony, after which Museveni bids his fellow heads of state farewell. The presdent and his wife are led to their car to leave Kololo. However, for the crowds at the grounds, the party is yet to start. The place is expected to be a host to merry-making and rejoicing amid glass tosses and eats to celebrate the new government.

2.20PM -SPEECH ENDS : During his almost 30-minute long speech, president elect highlights achievements of the NRM regime in the 25 years in power. He cites an improvement in the education, health and agricultural sectors, among others.

2.00PM -NRM VICTORY : Museveni congratulates the opposition for the number of seats it managed in the 9th Parliament, despite the NRM’s dominance in the new parliament after February’s elections landslide victory for the NRM party.

1.50PM -NATIONAL ID UNVEILED : The president launches and displays the national ID before the public. He signs for his ID shortly after.

1.40PM -MUSEVENI SPEECH : RE-ELECTED president Museveni starts his speech by thanking the crowds for such a huge turnup, followed by introducing the heads of state and the foreign dignitaries present.

1.10PM -AERO DISPLAY : The UPDF pilots spice up the occasion with a thunderous exhibition of their skills up above in the clouds with their military giant birds. Despite being taken by surprise on the first display, reminiscent of a World War I atmosphere, the crowds cheer on the subsequent shows.

12.50PM -MARCH PAST : Troops from different sections of the armed forces steadily march to various band rhythms past the main pavilion. The skies are open, the day is bright and the crowds are excited.

12.40PM -PRAYERS : RELIGIOUS leaders the Archbishop Church of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi and Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council lead prayers to bless the historical occasion.

12.20PM -MUSEVENI SWEARS IN : THE President takes oath for another term in office. Immediately, a 21-gun salute and the national anthem crown the ceremony.After signing the oath of allegiance, Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki hands President Museveni the instruments of power; the Uganda national flag, national anthem, the Constitution,national coat of arms and the government seal.

12.00PM -ANTHEMS SUNG: THE military band accompanies the crowd in the singing of the East African and Uganda national anthems. Local musician Angela Katatumba adds her melodious voice to the singing, braving scorching heat from the sun. As soon as the anthems are sung, Museveni is ushered back to his seat.

11.05AM -MUSEVENI ARRIVES: The president, together with his wife Janet Museveni arrives at Kololo amid dancing and excitement from the mammoth crowd. Museveni is escorted to his seat, just next to Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki. Before settling down, he greets the African presidents present and other foreign dignitaries under the same tent.

08.00AM -INAUGURATION DAY:The inauguration ceremony to launch President Yoweri Museveni’s fourth term has started at Kololo Independence ground.

Seven presidents arrived yesterday for the swearing in ceremony. They include Muhammed Abdelziz (Saharawi), Salva Kiir (South Sudan), Mwai Kibaki (Kenya), Sheikh Sharif Ahmed (Somalia), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzania) and Jonathan Goodluck (Nigeria). They were joined by former Kenya president Daniel Arap Moi.


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