By: Benjamin Majok Mon

May 18, 2011, over 60% of vehicles in Rumbek the capital of Lakes state are almost to be grounded following fuel shortage in the state.

 According to the manager of Dalbit international fueling regional growth Abraham Chol Majok said, “We have run out of fuel stock in our reserves”. Dalbit is the leading fueling company in the state supplying the state with fuel.

He added that, the diesel fuel which is for cars  is out of the stock,  petrol  for motorbike is little and will take us for 3 days and jet A1 which is for plane  will get out of stock on 10 June 2011 if we fail to get our supply.

Explaining the cause of fuel shortage to his company, Chol said that it is too political between the government of Sudan in Khartoum and the government of south Sudan (GOSS) in Juba, but the major cause is the elections in southern Kordofan state.

“We have 12 tankers of different types of fuel to the state in el-Obeid of northern Sudan but our divers are told not to go to the south for the reason we don’t know” it is up to the government of Khartoum and his counterpart government of south Sudan to solve the problems. He pointed. He also said, streamers are not also allowed to come to the south from the north.

Majok said his company is working hard to supply the fuel from Eldorate of Kenya but it is not known when it will arrive to the state. “Exporting the fuel from Kenya is very expensive and this will shoot up the fuel price in the state,” he said.

He further said, if the fuel supply cannot come from Northern Sudan, it will negatively affect business in the south, government institutions will not operate and the movement will stop because fuel is the biodiversity of multipurpose business.

 He said, “My Company has reserved little fuel for the government of the state for it to operate purposely to maintain the insecurity in the state since the state is fragile of tribal and sectional fighting, we have saved this little fuel for security forces.

The consumption of the fuel ranges between 575000 litters to 600,000 liters per month in the state, which he said, is a bit lower than that of Wau and higher than Warap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal states.

Rujal Jama is the manager of BOH Petroleum Company operating in the state whose company has closed down the pump of diesel fuel since 14th of the current month because fuel is not available and there is no supply from Khartoum.

“My company has ordered for two tankers from the north, but the drivers are told not to go to the south and I do not know why they rejected to come” it is up to the government of south Sudan to discuss the problem with the north.

Abraham Kidane is the mini bus driver who managed to buy 15 liters of diesel said, “I have this 15 liters for today business but tomorrow I do not know where to buy again” My live will be at risk because  I got my feeding  when I drove”. “There will no money for my food”. He wondered.

Pamir Sultan is the Ethiopian mini bus driver, who said, “I bought 10 liters today and the suppler told me that there is no supply tomorrow, I bought 1 litter of diesel for 5 SDG but it was 2.5 SDG when it was there, buying it for 5 SDG is very expensive price”.

Tomorrow I will ground my bus and Iam  worried of my feeding, if I do not drive where  should I  get food to eat, live is becoming hard now, but the government of south Sudan should do something to rescue the people. He added.

 However, Malok Majak Malok is the director Sudanese metrologies said his government is aware of fuel shortage and food items but the problem is the government of Khartoum refusing to release thousands of vehicles stranded at El Obeid and with commodities coming to the south.

In the response to the shortage of fuel and food commodities across the south Sudan, the cabinet of the government of south Sudan on the council meeting resolves to direct the agricultural bank to launch a loan package to traders in the south in order to replenish the food items and fuel shortage in the region.


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