Wipe My Tears

My tear!

My tears!

My tears!

Who will wipe tears?

Oh! People of the world

Where are you to rescue me?

Where are to listen to me?

Where are to comfort me?

I am a Refugee

I did not choose to be one

But situation gave me this destitute status

I detest it I have no choice.

Oh! People of the world

Who will wipe my tears?

Who will conquer peace?

I long for peace to come

Lonely to reunification

Peace oh! Peace

I search your trails

All I got is negative


Your beauty is nowhere

Your love and glory is nowhere

Peace, do you have eyes and legs?




At the negotiating tables

You fail the diplomats

You fail the pity of innocents’ prayers.

Peace! If you were having

Eyes to see

Ears to listen

Body to suffer

Stomach to starve

You would seek refuge

In a godly continent!

Peace Oh Peace!

Yes destination never certain

Unless a priority

Dehumanized by rampant conflict

War in the Sudan

Genocide in Darfur

We appeal to international community

Peace and humanity is not from heaven

Burdens of war traumatize

The victim of powerful struggle

Hear our voices

Peace oh! Peace

Peace oh! Peace

People of the world

People of the world

Where are you?

Where are you?

Where are you?

By Miyar De’Nyok


Not Me Again

At dawn the cock crew

Because they didn’t have time

To tell it’s morning

They were ignored

Because the stranger thought, he was intelligence

The ignorance brewed to breed contempt

The stranger threw them in the desert to dry and die

He enslaved them to rub their land

When they were educated,

They began to study the stranger’s inevitable

Cruelty of enslavement

The dry desert filtered the falter filthy humidity

And their cock died

They were treated like a doormat

Where everyone rubbed off the dirt on their shoes

The Inferior Rats at the time didn’t withstand the mighty intelligence

Of the two giants –the Red Sea and Pacific Ocean

As time went by

The Inferior Rats remain ignored

Until it learnt how to swim in the Red Sea and canoe the Pacific Ocean

Learning in the wilderness wheeled their destiny

The Inferior Rats began to retreat

From the filthy windy and cloudy humidity

As time went by

The two giants –the Red Sea and Pacific Ocean

Continued to provoke the Inferior Rats’ existence

Without realizing that the Inferior Rats were listening and seeing

Like a snake in the night when it’s preying for insects

The stranger nasty naughty nostril treatment outraged

The Inferior Rats to think twice because they were ignored

As the Inferior Rats thought twice

They squandered and masqueraded to siphon the injustice

As they studied, they discovered stout shroud seedlings

To open their doors to universal journalism

The Inferior Rats crafted the drafted pamphlets to their comrades

As emanated pamphlets got into the hands of comrades

They began to hit-back the Red Sea and Pacific Ocean

At first the Pacific Ocean tried to brainwash

The Inferior Rats through their ancestral gods

For the sake of sideling and sidetracking the Inferior Rats

From havoc and retaliation of enslavement and injustice

The Inferior Rats didn’t listen

They launched a resistant movement

So called your Injustice Enough Movement

We have heard your ancestral god spirits

Our god is strong too, we can do it

The Pacific Ocean swung and tossed

From side to side to find paralysis

To the Inferior Rats liberalism

The Pacific Ocean failed like fragile glass

And gave-in in 1956

While the Red Sea seized an opportunity to inherit the Cush land

Not me again

The Inferior Rats exclaim!

While the Red Sea laughed

That didn’t jerk Injustice Enough Movement

From tiptoeing into the Red Sea mighty cockpit

To smack muggy, robbery and stealthy

Of the Cush land

The Injustice Enough Movement

Quickened its paces like a grasshopper running away from a predator

The Inferior Rats incessantly resisted the Red Sea twice

With their clumsy chimney divided politics

A game to dissuade the Inferior Rats

From ousting them out of the Cush land

They have now found a home, lucky junkies

But the Inferior Rats are asking

For a civil divorce

Because the union is not working

The Red Sea is a polygamist

With so many stomachs to fill with drinking oil

While cheating, shutting and sealing the mouth of the Inferior Rats

With sprinkling drops of drinking oil to siphon its tasty sandwich

Oh whoop! A struggle, the Red Sea will never win

Except to accept a peaceful civil divorce

The Inferior rats is going to court

To seek the divorce certificate

A certificate to show to the world

That she has divorced the Red Sea

The Inferior Rats is worried

By bloody mercenary thirsty

To derail the divorce

The divorce is inevitable

Because the Red Sea encroach to crush

The love through his filthy greedy

The Red Sea god is a disease that need cure

The divorce is inevitable!

By Miyar De’Nyok


The Plight

It start as a union between the two

That’s what we call fertilization

Develops and grows in the womb for 270 days or more

That’s what we call life

Life is a race, the moment it starts

Where knowledge is our best defence,

While ignorance is the missed opportunity

Life is a race!

A race for union

A race for destiny

A race for evil or deed

A race for total desire and freedom

Does life has satisfaction?

When we dream bigger

When we yearn for more

When we deserve better

Life is a race!

As we move

As we cliché

Our races get tougher

Human, the last species

But very powerful!

To exploit and explore

The unseen privileges of all species

We own the world,

Because knowledge is our best defence,

While ignorance is our missed opportunity

Should we care for future resources?

Every-night is a competition for race

A race for informed choices

A race for self-fulfillments

A race for self-actualization

Life is a race!

Because knowledge is our best creativity

While ignorance is our obstacle

To seek the truth of human destiny

To study the paradise or the Garden of Eden

God authorized human

To subdue the natural resources,

The agreement human signed

Does it fulfill the race God handed-down to him?

Our race has become,

A manipulative ego

To desperately depressed –they, the little ones

By the god-fathers of power –they, the power greed

Life is a race!

Because knowledge is our best science

While ignorance is our setback

Where god-fathers –they, the power greed

Accomplished their opportunities

While –they, the little ones are fed on the doormat towels

Life is a race!

Because knowledge is our best consciousness

While ignorance is our foolishness

Where god-fathers –they, the power greed

Exploit everyone’s, God’s given potential wants and needs

While –they,  the little ones suffered and suffocated to die

Life is a race!

It has no pardon

Because knowledge is associated with resources

While ignorance is the misgoverned

For uneven distribution of resources

The competition continues

Because what we see, is what we get

That’s life!

By Miyar De’Nyok


The Opportunity

The opportunity

Trickles like a droplet of water

After the rain has stopped

But nobody seizes or realizes

That dream becomes true

Unless you witnessed the harvest

When the time is right

The opportunity is not deny

The opportunity knocks

At once, and the fruition is one

A one that satisfies the wholesome

But nobody seizes and realizes

That dream becomes true

Unless you witnessed the harvest

The fruition of opportunity

Is the perfect one, in one’s life time

When a need is sought

For personal development

The search for a need

Is an assessment for patience

But nobody seizes and realizes

That dream become true

Unless you witnessed the harvest

The time to perfection

Is hard-work, that’s not going-out-of boundary

Struggling to attain

A workable opportunity

Strolling like spilled oil

On the gulf coast of Mexico

That’s environmental disasters

But still perfection is needed

An opportunity is a cart

To bridging that oil

Off from environmental disaster

Memory of history

Is the cultural heritage

As well as an opportunity

For developing individuality

The perfect opportunity

Is time

But nobody seizes and realizes

Unless you witnessed the harvest!

Southern Sudan!

Is that opportunity

For her beneficiaries

To harvest the fruition

Of stability and peacefulness

The time is right

For referendum

To be conducted on time

Like a pregnant mother in her labour

But nobody seizes and realizes

To accept


This is a perfect opportunity

For all

Southern Sudanese!

Have dreamt bigger

For a visionary governance

For all

The time is right

The time is right

For referendum

For self-determination

For a change

For a secession

Southern Sudan Oh Southern Sudan

The opportunity

Has present itself

You must seize and realize

Your identity

By Miyar De’Nyok


The Nile River

I am the celebrity

When I was growing,

I thought my celebrity

Will constantly and instantly

Withstand my station, my destiny

But didn’t worthwhile to my!

I am the celebrity

When the nine,

Shared my waters

I thought I will continue

To have lion’s share

But didn’t worthwhile to my!

I am the celebrity

When I breastfed my kids,

I thought I have enough milk

For all the kids

That’ includes the adopted sons

But didn’t worthwhile to my!

I am the celebrity

Whose adopted sons

Enraged, enslaved the kin sons

Like housemaids

Toiling, tallying household hardware

But didn’t worthwhile to my!

I am the celebrity

I am sickened by my adopted sons

Sick on the deathbed for 55 years

My adopted sons need healing

From the herbalists, medicine made-home

That’s the solutions

But how

Time is nine

A minute to menace

My social integrity

My innate withstand longevity

My ecological sustenance

All going to disintegrate

Because my four legs don’t stand firmly

Should I ask the Nile nine waters?

Should I ask the world’s four cardinals?

Should I continue asking four legs?

That needs to disintegrate

But time is nine,

A minute to social disintegrations

When the first kin sons,

Decide to off leg

My celebrity, end-hit

Like an engine that’s expired

It doesn’t start itself again

That’s end-hit is the end

Of my celebrity

My celebrity

Oh! Celebrity

Is slicing, slowly, slightly

Toward the destiny defame

My adopted sons made

By himself, through

His bizarre treatments

To the kin sons of the Nile river

That’ll hurt him trebly

By Miyar De’Nyok


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