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4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Brothers and Sisters,
    “Cry The Beloved Tribe”
    Do we deserve this? Our own land, Culture, strength,anything U mention.
    Is Madi nation flowing away with the Nile?
    I could just say to the GOSS and The Govg of the Sudan that, Madi people deserve better than being treated like kowords. Madi people are Civilized, courageous, social that they admit anyone on their land. We hawe just one word UNITY.

  2. It is unfortunate that only a small percentage of us are realizing so called freedom and they are the one enjoying it fully. Not until every one of the sons of Southern Sudan realizes the peace, there is still no peace.

    Looting of public property, killing, grabbing people’s land is a disease that does not only eat peoples souls, but can lead to a complete eradication of the aggressor. History has taught us that, if anything happens in Nimule it will be felt in Kajokeji, Torit, Moyo, and Yei. I am sure the gods of this area are not sleeping.

    All in all unity is strength and community interest supersedes everything.

  3. Fear is being controlled by Satan. I am happy to see that you report without fear. this is very good, but do we know that some of the things we talk about loudly can be used by our major enemy – the Arabs and instigate us to destroy CPA by ourselves and then get demolished by the Arabs? That was why I started that topic that our brothers Dinka must learn how to survive with their brothers in Greater Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazel and Upper Nile. This was an awakening the minds, hearts, and souls of our brothers Dinka. I have also noticed that Dinka are not able to live in peace between themselves, and now and then they kill themselves without any sensible reasons. Can we Greater Equatorian intellectuals not rescue the situation instead of adding in fuel, and wait until we get our freedom in 2011, and then see what we can do.
    I strongly believe that there is something basically wrong with Dinka, can we Equatorians not make them see that Dinka as a tribe is working to encourage the spoiling of CPA?

    Your brother Luka Drane Logoye
    I am a Ma’di.

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