By: Benjamin Majok Mon.

May 21, 2011(Rumbek)-at least  a woman with her two girls were gunned down by unidentified gunmen allegedly said to be from Rumbek central county of Lakes  on Thursday night  in Buot village  of  Duony Payam of Cueibet county.

 In an interview with commissioner of Cueibet County mister Isaac Mayom Malek confirmed to the journalist that at least a mother known as Ajak Mabor Kamic with her two girls, one year girl Yar Deng Padang  and nine years old girl  Ager Deng Padang  were  all  shot  dead on Thursday night.

 The issue of sectional and tribal fighting have hit Lakes state since April to May this year in which over 50 people have so far died across the state.

 The attacked that killed that mother with her two girls is linked with revenge killing between the youth of  Cueibet County with the youth from Rumbek central county of Lakes state. Said the Commissioner.

The commissioner added that the attackers shot dead the mother at around 8:00 PM while she was seated on the stool in her house. The commissioner described the security situation has very volatile in the area.

 He added the brothers the decease mother with her two children has not yet been found that means they may be preparing revenge attack against the people of Rumbek which he said the government intervention at this critical killing of women between these communities needs immediate solution.

 “The attackers are suspected to be from Rumbek central county who carried out the revenge attack after 3 women  one girl and one man were shot dead asleep by the suspected youth from Cueibet county on the 2nd of May 2011” he said.

  He further said, the mother of late Ajak who was wounded is in the critical condition in Cueibet hospital.

 He said that those attackers are known very well to be the youth from Akok section of  Rumbek Central County that were reported to be hiding  in the bush few days ago before the incident.

 futhermore,commissioner said that he has reported the issue to the governor of Lakes state engineer Chol Tong about the incident, but governor promised to send argent forces to apprehend the culprits.

 Commissioner urged the people who lost their beloves one to be calm and allow the state government to take measures against those who killed both innocent women and children from both side.

 The commissioner of Rumbek central county Matur Majok Magol admitted that his counterpart commissioner of Cueibet County had informed him about the incident.

  He said that he had sent the police to bring the chief whose youth are allegedly said to have carried out retaliatory attacked in Cueibet County.

 Majok said, “The attacked might be the youth from his county whose 3 women, one child and one man were killed earlier this month by the people from Cuiebt County. Magol described an act of killing mothers and children as barbaric act and call on the state government to urgently address the killing of innocent and vulnerable groups in the state.

   However, earlier this month on the 2nd of May  3 women, one girl and one man were shot dead while asleep  and one woman with a child age one and half years were  wounded on Sunday night in Rumbek Central County by the suspected youth allege to be coming from Cueibet county of Lakes state. The killing took place in place called Malok Village of Rumbek Central County.

 Earlier, Youth from Cueibet County attacked and killed 5 people from Rumbek central, they attackers came at night at 1:00 Am and opened the fire at the sleeping people.


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