May 19, 2011 (ABYEI)- Juba University, South Sudan, is set to hold a workshop to discuss new draft constitution with academics and intellectuals from varies disciplines on 21 May.

The one day workshop hosted by the Faculty of Law will focus on the challenges of the current constitution and things to consider in the Draft Transitional Constitution being studied for approval by the Legislative Assembly, in order for it to become a legal and binding document. It will be open to the public.

A press statement issued by the University’s Directorate of Communications on Wednesday obtained by Sudan Tribune, says various dignitaries, including government officials, representatives of political parties, religious leaders, labour union leaders, non-governmental organisations, intellectuals, members of the press and the general public are expected to attend. It states the following:

“The debate will be focusing on provision of the constitution making process, presidential term limits, power of the president, power for anti graft [corruption] commission to conduct independent investigations and persecute culprits, creation of position of deputy minister as well as creation of council of states”.   “The debate will also examine recommendation of the constitution technical review committee on inclusion of former members of National Assembly in Khartoum to South Sudan Legislative Assembly without conducting elections and period of transitional government. Everyone is welcome”.

During the meeting, participants will get a chance to hear from different speakers and discussions.

Of late, the debate on the constitution has gained momentum, with stakeholders sharing views on how the new constitution should look like. There has also been dispute with opposition parties walking out of constitutional discussions.


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