Khartoum – Sudanese Armed Force (SAF) announced readiness to hit back the attack conducted by Sudan People’s liberation Army (SPLA) against a SAF convoy in Abyei accompanied by elements from the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) early on Friday.
SAF Intelligence Deputy Chief, Major-General Siddig Amir told press that SPLA ambushed a SAF convey accompanied by elements from UNAMIS seven kilometers off Abyei, adding that SPLA used heavy weapons resulting in huge loss in the part of SAF, affirming that they sent a message to UN troop Commander who was in Abyei at that time, adding that the commander attempted to attribute the attack to unknown parties. He cleared that the attack claimed the lives of 22 soldiers from SAF.
In press conference convened in Defence Ministry Friday, Amir revealed a plan set by administrative director of Abyei while elements of SAF have been redeployed in Taj area, explaining that SAF used 6 vans owned by UNMIS in addition to two vans owned by SAF, adding that negotiating delegation from the north taking part in meetings of technical committee on Abyei have been exposed to number harassments under the eyes of southern officials recently.
He pointed out that the Defence Joint Council summoning the two parties has agreed on allowing each party to provide its troops in Abyei with ten vans, adding that the attack was conducted to damage vans affiliating to SAF, affirming that SPLA banned burial of martyrs post the attack, pointing out that such an accident has never taken place throughout the last 50 years. He added that political leadership called on SAF to stick to self-control, explaining that the international troops have buried martyrs. He said that representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Sudan opted for meeting Minister of Defence, pledging to reach for appropriate resolutions ending such violations. He explained that the presence of joint troop in Abyei is stipulated in Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) – Abyei Protocol systemizing mission of SAF and SPLA, explaining that SPLA insists on overcoming the agreement, pointing out that SPLA entered Abyei in December, 2010 against the protocol.
He said that Kadugli Agreement signed in January, 17, 2011 stresses importance of the presence of joint troop a shift from sole presence of SPLA in Abyei, adding that elements of SPLA kidnapped six elements from SAF in addition to threatening and killing northern traders in Abyei in February, 12, 2011. He affirmed that the two parties agreed on implementing the agreement in February, 12, 2011 however government delegation stones thrown at under eyes of southern officials headed by Deng Alor and Nhial Deng, adding that SPLA set 11 vans affiliating to the UN on fire in May, 12, 2011. Amir said that SPLA attacked SAF convey while it was stepping into Abyei, killed 14 in addition to 11 injuries while five were considered lost. “Abyei is now a war zone,” said Siddiq Amer, adding that particular parties are accustoming to supporting SPLA so as to shake security and stability in the country, affirming SAF readiness to retaliate, adding that current movements conducted by SAF in the region aim at searching lost soldiers, affirming disappearance of UN van carrying five soldiers.
UN Condemns the Attack
United Nations has condemned the SPLM brute attack against SAF and UNMIS in Abyei last Thursday during the move SAF battalion towards the north.
UNSG Special Representative in Sudan Haile Menkerios, who was summoned by Foreign Ministry, said that the incident represent a crime and a clear preaching to the CPA calling for self-control and the continuation of dialogue.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ambassador Khalid Musa told Sudan Vision that UN called for urgent investigation over the attack to bring the criminals to book. Musa affirmed that the Foreign Ministry conveyed its condemnation of the attack calling on the international organization to take a strong stance to prevent such incidents.

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