By John Naru
With the way Bashar Asad President of Syria is handing the current affairs in his country, the military action against civilian there is growing bigger with the last Friday unrest. As a mater of fact, Arab League and the Security Council should not wait but give more pressure to Bashar Al Asad to immediately pull back its government tanks at the face of civilian and cease security forces mistreatment of civilian, armies and tanks seen marching forward Thursday sincerely speaking Arab world should distance itself in depopulating its people through military action but rather focus on peaceful negotiations with youth liberation currently affecting the Middle East. Libyan crisis is a real lesson to Arab Leaders they should not tolerate it to exist again elsewhere what was in Libya was not longer youth liberation but already a kind of civil war.
At least 10 protesters have been killed in Syria as opposition forces stage “Good Friday” protests, human rights activists there says Security forces opened fire with live rounds Friday to disperse demonstrators in the central city of Homs. Tens of thousands of demonstrators were out on the streets of Homs, which has been a key site of recent protests against President Bashar al-Assad Protests also broke out in the southern city of Daraa where up to 10,000 people emerging from mosques took to the streets and as many as 6,000 demonstrators marched in the northeastern city of Qamishli. Around 200 protesters in the Damascus neighborhood of Midan were dispersed by security forces, rights activists in Syria said. Calls were launched on social networking site Facebook for nationwide “Good Friday” rallies, despite the announcement Thursday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had scrapped five decades of emergency rule and dissolved the state security court. Elsewhere in Libya April Mess
during Nato strike on the Libyan rebel tanks was an example it happened near the eastern town of Ajdibiya whereby Nato  can not identify easily between the rebel  and government tanks battling in the town only to sweep them all together through air booms. NATO air force might be true in its target but confused by both the Libyan government and the rebel tanks. What do you think a pilot of jet fighter sent to release a boom could do if no identification? What had gone wrong in coordination? Rear Adm Harding of NATO while talking from Naples to reporters had refused to apologize to rebel over the action of Nato Strike on rebel tanks, why did he describe the situation as very fluid? Especially between Ajdibiya and Brega towns a battle zone between force of col. Gaddafi and the rebel. He had right to blame Gaddafi’s forces for using tanks against civilian in the western city of Masrata at the same point Nato did not Knew that rebels pulled out their tanks during the Nato strike that
hit the rebel tanks killed several.  Rear insisted that and did not even know that the rebel start using tanks. What a mess in military life? An operation that involve allied air campaign in Libya. We must avoid it in the growing events in other parts of Middle East. However it look funny when Rear Adm Harding of Nato refused to back the view of US General Cater Ham who led the first stage of coalition air campaign in Libya. General Cater says the conflict appeared to have reached a stalemate with rebel forces unlikely to oust Gaddafi’s troops. Their was ager among the rebels why the Nato strike hit their units but Rear commented over refused what was said by rebel commander General Abdelfatah younis that Nato had been informed that the rebel’s tanks would be on the road and had even been given the necessary co-ordinates, again he told BBC Nato had apologized to the rebels about that although not directly to him.  Wow! What a mess from military bigwig over air strike on Libya?
Africans, we must learn from the lines of this opinion and resolved our own crisis with involvement of international community peacefully rather making it growing bigger if Arabs can mess why not the white? To my home land south Sudan youth should start embark on development turn out their ears from politics and rally behind President Kiir’s led Goss for sincere development of the region and avoid being exploited by premature politics in the new Republic. For those who have not tested pain of war led them learn from the experience of longest civil war in Africa that was battled in south Sudan as a survivor of the deadly town battle that led to Juba Massacre in 1992 I advised the youth to be caution from political exploitation. Those in Juba in 1992 tested the bitterness of town battles and will remain strong to resist unrest,   It is not easy to stay in Juba in late 1990’s those who experienced the action of SAF insurgency against civilians dirtying the towns in that moment
will never like to be a slave to kings and queens again in their ages. The black smokes in the sky of Juba a led slaughter days later still fresh in our mind as survivor I never ran to Uganda nor flee to Khartoum. I make it without parents in an age of 13 years as people scattered in the towns, elders and youth were taken to notorious white house a human slaughter house south of Juba others were accused of being collaborators, some youth without nationality certificate in Juba at that time died, the first days of the aftermath, dead bodies was every where.
Why I left Munuki on my way searching for parents and stay with survivors at St Joseph parish in Juba town during afternoon as many took a hide in the churches. Families vacated the huts it was during rainy season the Dura planted in the town is taller. Walking alone was hard on my way along road to Juba town a red crescent society vehicle approached passing on the way it was Mr. Loduwyek with only the driver in the vehicle, dead bodies collected from deeply blocks of Munuki town they were taking the corpses to Juba hospital for identification. Action of guns are not longer feared, people are exhausted that time. A planted northern spies and officers among SAF southern battalion of one hundred and eleven in Gudele contributed to a house to house search a counter insult and random killing of residence for hiding rebel. Youth in Juba should never tolerate this again never!
John Naru a Journalist base in south Sudan be reached @


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